Jamie DeWolf, L. Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson, Spins a Spine-Chilling Performance About His DNA

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Credit: Snap Judgment's series, "Drama Momma!"

Another remarkable tidbit to tide over Scientology watchers on this light-posting week.

For several years, L. Ron Hubbard's great-grandson, Jamie DeWolf, has made a name for himself for his slam poetry, some of it aimed at his famous ancestor.

Numerous readers pointed us to this recent performance by DeWolf, in which he dramatizes his family history in a way the church might find uncomfortable to watch...

Prepare yourself for a wild ride as DeWolf describes what it means to grow up with LRH in your DNA:

"The first time I saw a psychiatrist, when he asked me if mental illness runs in my family, all I could say was...Yes. Yes, it does. When I told him my great-grandfather was a cult leader that enslaved the minds of millions, he accused me of having delusions of grandeur."

Wow. Well, that's some performance, and we're going to have to keep a closer eye on DeWolf in the future.

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Larry Brennan
Larry Brennan

Wow, that was really good.

When he spoke about L Ron Hubbard Junior (DeWolf) suing to get to L Ron Senior in hiding I remember that very well.

I was on organized scientology's Watchdog Committee then getting weekly written orders from Hubbard, many on legal matters. I remember how confusing those orders could be as L Ron Senior would contradict himself at times, lie, give orders that did not make sense, etc.

Also, some of the orders often pushed for more money to Hubbard who had led people to believe he was getting none from scientology. And some of the orders were demanding the carrying out of horrid abuses on people like spitting on them for him, forced interrogations, sending innocent people to jail and the like.

Hubbard himself was the last man any of us wanted to see on the stand as he obviously was becoming incompetent and he had way too much to hide.

That is why the huge scientology litigation machine did so much to ensure he would never testify.

So much was being hidden about L Ron Hubbard senior in those days. I am not proud to say that I was the one who negotiated the rights to his biography written by Omar Garrison and then turned the master over to Miscavige et al for Hubbard so that it could be hidden from the public forever.

I still remember the title of the book "L Ron Hubbard: His Life, His Loves and His Letters". It contained many embarrassing facts about Hubbard and his lies which organized scientology needed to have hidden from the public in order to keep fooling people that L Ron was some great man.

But that story is one for another time.

Just like Hubbard destroyed some of his own family so did his abusive policies carried out within his organized scientology destroy many more. This includes countless examples even to this very day where families are destroyed through disconnection in order that people are "allowed" to follow this leader about whom so much bad has been hidden.

I can see it all happening again these many years later when I watch that excellent performance from Jamie DeWolf. I can feel Jamie's pain when I think back to one decade ago when I was ordered to tell my own daughter she had no father and home because she fled from them and came to me refusing to be horribly and unjustly punished by them when she was in their highly touted "Commodores Messanger Organization". I refused their demands about my daughter but it still helps me understand in my own small way the pain Jamie had to feel about his family.


As a great grand child he has 12.5% of Hubbard's DNA, the remaining 87.5% of which comes from his other 7 great grand-parents.  This is not counting the small number of mutations that occur in every offspring.  His red hair and talent for poetry may or may not be due to his genetic link to Hubbard.



If any Scientologists are lurking, I have a challenge for you...

If you haven't already read it, and if you think you can confront it, try reading the interview with Ronald Hubbard Junior that he did with Penthouse Magazine. Just Google it.

I appreciate it's not easy reading, I understand that your mind is screaming at you that you can't look at such things, I know your heart starts to beat fast at the very thought of it, but if you want the truth about Hubbard, if you want to get out of this trap, you are going to have to confront these things.


Mr Ortega, Your productivity from your 'mobile bunker' is astounding, fantastic insight from the family that WALKED away from the empire of evil!.Don't stay in one place too long or they may 'ping' your phone. And never accept the third light from a match!  :)


I'm curious to know why he has a tattoo on his forearm of Scientology logo.  


Oh Jamie, Why we were suckered into your Grandad's movement, oh holy whatevers, it's gotta be because of also, our humanness telling us the spectacular and fantastic, is somehow "real" to take us away from the plight we saw ourselves stifled by.    Man, thankyou so much Jamie and Village Voice for airing Jamie's voice.    Gotta say this HELPS me, and I've loved the Village Voice and all the big city alternative newspapers for a LONG time.   Thanks for airing this kind of voice!     Jamie, keep going, keep creating truth on your life and your DNA man!


THANKYOU Jamie!!    Whoa!    You have the DNA to tell the man's story!    Good job Jamie!   Thanks Village Voice, this IS good history, DNA style, cultural style!   You got it better than anyone yet.    Good good job!!   - Chuck Beatty, ex Scientology Hubbard "admininistrative" scriptures "expert" follower, 1975-2003!   Pittsburgh     PS: For Hubbardites, lovers of the "best" in Hubbard, well, William James' "The Varieties of Religious Experience" is the ultimate most comprehensive justistification for any religious inspirational positive.    JAMIE THANKYOU MAN!   5 stars, man!!!!!   Good stuff!

For Scientology, Mark Miglio
For Scientology, Mark Miglio

Dear Sid,      I see your twisted view of life and so you want us to share that with you.  No way, Sid.       Keep on "lurking", my friend.Sincerely,Mark Scientologist Miglio

CofS Exit Zone
CofS Exit Zone

somewhere there is a video from an Anonymous protest in 2008 where Jamie stopped by and explained that.


Mark Scientologist Miglio,

Lurk Moar...

Chanology SF
Chanology SF

Dear Mr Miglio, internet fame is now yours. Signed Chanology SF.


 Thanks for the "dead-agenting" Mark.

But I accept the truth can be very painful.


So can anyone offer a summary? I'm curious but not THAT curious I guess.

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