Jazz, Woman Who Grew 24-Inch Fingernails to Become Famous, Is Kind of Famous

Do you remember Jazz Ison Sinkfield, the lady from Atlanta with the abnormally long but incredibly special 24-inch fingernails that, she told America, were going to make her famous and help her meet Oprah? Well, the Oprah thing didn't pan out (yet), but Jazz has been honored by reality TV. She is the latest star of the TLC program My Strange Addiction! Not everyone is that sort of famous. Jazz truly deserves this, as she "has over 19 feet in fingernails and values them so much that she considers them her babies. Her husband Antonio says that she pays more attention to her fingernails than to him." Congrats, Jazz!

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Jazz, hope you read this! I absolutly love your nails, I share your pain. I cry when I break my nails, and I would LOVE your nails! I wish I had them. Your fan in Colorado!

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