Jose Ocasio and Joseph Murphy, Bronx Cops, Charged With Beating Up Teen; One Cop Believed to Be on NYPD Boxing Team

NYPD boxer Jose Ocasio
​The NYPD arrested two of their own Monday for allegedly kicking and punching a Bronx teen last February 18 after issuing him a summons on East 181st Street, across the street from the 46th Precinct house. Officers Joseph Murphy, 26, and Jose Ocasio, 28, were charged with assault, official misconduct, and harassment, and the NYPD also suspended them.

The NYPD's announcement was terse, but the Voice has learned that there is a cop in the 46th Precinct named Jose Ocasio who is a member of the Fighting Finest, the NYPD's boxing team, which is set to travel to Budapest this fall. Team officials couldn't be reached for comment on whether this is the same cop.
WPIX/11 says the 17-year-old victim was beaten and kicked and suffered bruises and cuts to his head. So basically, the two cops allegedly stomped him.

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how come this report doesn't say anything about the countless times these men put their lives on the line in the name of justice????


With all the interaction between citizens, police and the courts there's actually very little coverage. Even with all the media we're mostly in the dark. The police and courts are probably the most frequent and fundimental way government interacts with the people yet the news media provides very little information. If the job of the news is to inform the people the news should be more aggressive about covering the police and the courts.

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