Michael Bloomberg Buying $20 Million Hamptons Mansion

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This week's Village Voice cover story asks, "After two full terms and change, what do you call Bloomberg's New York? In many ways, the mayor has been merely a caretaker." Mayor Mike's third term -- which he made possible by changing the rules -- will be over in a few years. "Soon, he'll be just another billionaire," writes our own Harry Siegel. And he'll need somewhere to live! (Besides the places he already has.) So he's recently signed a contract -- "discreetly," the New York Post reports -- for a $20 million Georgian mansion in the Hamptons, sitting on 35-acres. Annual real estate taxes for the 11-bedroom palace fall around $42,110, or a little more than a yearly salary for one of the low-wage NYC jobs created under Bloomberg.

Here's another nugget from "Citizen Bloomberg," our cover story: "As Bloomberg memorably put it while floating his candidacy in early 2001: 'What's a billionaire got to do with it? I mean, would you rather elect a poor person who didn't succeed? Look, I'm a great American dream.'"

And he has a point: Americans dream of a brick home near an exclusive golf course -- the National Golf Links of America in this case -- along with horse-riding trails (perfect for his daughter) and a "half-mile, tree-covered approach," which is usually called a driveway if you're poorer.

Bloomberg's other crashpads are on the Upper East Side, in Vail, Colorado and in Bermuda, where his neighbors include fellow billionaires-turned-politicians Silvio Berlusconi and Ross Perot.


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