National Organization for Marriage to Protest Same-Sex Weddings Statewide this Sunday

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C.S. Muncy
Brian Brown (right), the President of NOM, marching with Sen. Ruben Diaz
This whole week, we at Runnin' Scared are happy to bring you stories in our "Countdown to SSM" series, as we talk to New Yorkers leading up to the big day when marriage equality comes to all. Yesterday we shared news that the very first same-sex couple to wed just after midnight on July 24, grandmothers of 12 Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd, will be hitched in front of rainbow lit Niagara Falls.

Today, it's a slightly different tale, as we share how the National Organization for Marriage will spend July 24 protesting marriage equality around the state.

While LGBT couples -- many of whom have been together for decades -- are celebrating the right to finally marry the person they love, and for their families to enjoy the same civil rights all other New Yorkers enjoy, NOM will be out in force trying to rain on their big day. According to their press release, "Thousands of concerned citizens statewide are expected to turn out to demand a vote on marriage. Marches and rallies will be held in Manhattan, Albany, Buffalo and Rochester."

Fortunately, for those interested in countering what NOM has to say on the big day, their PR flack provided exact locations for their protests:

Governor Cuomo's Office
633 3rd Ave.

West Capitol Park
South Swan St. and State St.

Liberty Pole
East Ave. and East Main St.

Buffalo City Hall
65 Niagara Sq # 201

It shows a certain level of good taste (or, more likely, cowardice) that NOM will protest here in New York at Governor Cuomo's midtown office. They must be respecting the solemnity of those exercising their new civil rights chickening out by not walking into the lion's den and going to any of the five borough offices where people will actually be getting married.

Also interesting: we recently got an email from Louis Marinelli, NOM's former communications guru, who this week set up NOME - the National Organization for Marriage Equality.

We have tried to contact NOM via email, phone and twitter to get an interview with Brian Brown. We're all ears to hear your side, NOM! | @steven_thrasher

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