Nudists Want a Little, Naked Piece of Coney Island

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Hasn't Coney Island seen enough of sorrow, tribulation, and nakedness? Perhaps not. The American Association for Nude Recreation would like Coney Island to have a designated nude beach for reasons including Coney Island's accessibility via mass transit as well as the opportunity to "attract more Europeans and out-of-state tourists to New York, because they would finally have a convenient place to sunbathe nude," said the group's spokesman, Tom Mulhall, who we're not sure has ever actually been to Coney Island. City officials are being kind of a buzzkill about all this, however, as nude sunbathing does not exactly fit in with plans to revitalize charge more for fancy new things at Coney Island.

For now, your nearest nude beach destinations are at Sandy Hook and Fire Island. (There are others, too.) Though, as much discussed on this blog and elsewhere, you can go topless right here in the city, with the law on your side (sort of) and everything. Where you take off your pants is another story.

And yet, when it's 100 degrees on the umpteenth day of mid-July heat wave, what we really want to be is not naked on a beach but somewhere in a pool of cool water surrounded by palm trees, eating ice cream. Or here at our desks in the A.C. with a Pop Ice. We'll take it.

Related: The American Association for Nude Recreation has perhaps the best FAQ we've ever read.

Naked ambition [NYP]

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What does a nude beach have anything to do with lowering property values?  Blacks Beach in San Diego is right below a prestigious oceanography Institute, a row of massive cliffside mansions and a PGA golf course.  Lame excuse city officials, very lame.

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