Ooga Booga: Rightbloggers Warn America of a Non-Existent Black Crime Wave

tomt200.jpgYou probably know that, over the past few decades, crime rates in America's major cities have dropped sharply. New York, which was once a symbol of urban menace, is particularly safe, and tourists freely roam Bed-Stuy and Central Park at night. Even historically troubled Oakland has recently seen its crime rates fall.

Plain as this change may be even to casual visitors, rightbloggers don't seem to notice it. Instead, they've taken to telling readers that crime in America is actually spinning out of control -- and it's all the fault of black people.

Remarkably, not only is crime down in our cities -- it's down everywhere. The FBI reported in May that "in 2010, all four of the violent crime offense categories -- murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault -- declined nationwide compared with data from 2009." Even the crap economy seems not to affect it.

For normal people, that's good news. But for rightbloggers there's no percentage in anything going right so long as That Man is in the White House. So some of them have started obsessing on urban crime stories, usually dug up on the Drudge Report.

In May, for example, when a bunch of kids rampaged through a Dunkin' Donuts on Christopher Street in New York, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit sneered, "Apparently, it's racist to note that all of the youths involved in the attack were black just like the flashmob that attacked the Milwaukee Mayfair Mall in January, the mob that attacked a Dupont Circle store in Washington DC in April, and the flashmob that ransacked a Las Vegas convenience store in early May."

The Milwaukee, DC, and Las Vegas incidents were unfortunate, small as they were. But they have about as much to do with black youth in general as Marlon Brando in The Wild One had to do with the average 50s teenager.

Still, Hoft wasn't the only rightblogger to find race the salient point of the story, nor even the worst. "I knew before I saw the video 'who' those rioting punks were going to be" in the Christopher Street incident, said Urban Grounds. "And so did you. And... yep...they're a bunch of black kids, acting like animals and criminals while terrorizing the public... That's because in Black Run America, there are no rules of civility or decency."

Black Run America? We know a lot of people who'd like to know how to get there; why won't it show up on our GPS?

Rightblogger vision of typical street scene, Black Run America
"Only a 'gonna get mine' attitude born from generation-after-generation of blacks in America being given handouts after handouts," continued Urban Grounds. "So really, it's not their fault that they have this entitlement mentality where they believe they can destroy and take anything they want..."

That's a lot to get out of a couple of incidents, but these guys are motivated imagineers.

Other rightbloggers rushed to tell the world that the dusky hordes were in riot and rut. "More Senseless Riots at Fast Food Chains Targeted by Black Teens," headlined Randy's Right. "The missing word" from news reports of the Christopher Street incident "is 'black,'" cried Bill Quick. "These aren't 'kids,' they are black kids..." Quick seems to believe, along with some district attorneys, that African-Americans attain their majority at an earlier age than white people. Blackness of perps "seems to be the case with almost all of these sorts of attacks popping up on YouTube," added Quick.

"America consigns itself to a slide toward savagery in the name of Hope & Change," said Moonbattery -- the "Hope & Change" presumably included in case readers hadn't yet realized who's the real Head Negro in Charge of this imaginary black crime wave.

"The Frankenstein monster of perpetually aggrieved blacks," added Moonbattery, "who have been brainwashed into considering themselves entitled to anything and everything is breaking loose from the liberal social engineering laboratory." Like Hoft, Moonbattery mocked anyone who might find his painstaking analysis racist.

After Memorial Day weekend, Drudge pumped out some more crime stories with the word "urban" in them. Some Guy at RedState knew how to react: he pointed out that "the offenders portrayed were primarily young, black males," then dismissed "those who listen intently for dog whistles" for assigning racism to blameless noticers of negritude such as himself.

Some Guy lamented the murder of a Vietnamese man by a black assailant in St. Louis over the weekend, adding, strangely, that "the Saint Louis PD seems to view Hoang Nguyen as just another Redshirt." Actually, St. Louis police arrested and have apparently gotten a confession out of their prime suspect in that case, but law enforcement doing its job isn't a good angle for an ooga-booga story like this, so Some Guy reminisced on older crime stories ("This reminds me of a particularly vicious gang rape in Houston, Texas that I blogged about several months back") before declaring, "whether our best and brightest want to admit to it or not, law and order disintegrates daily in America."

Law and order disintegrates daily? Is that really what these anecdotes prove? In the immortal words of Otter in Animal House, forget it, he's on a roll: "Thus, I believe that the eventual GOP candidate for President has to ignore the accusations of racism and make this an issue," intoned Some Guy. "...The blood of innocent people cries out from the stained and filthy alleys of our lawless urban streets." And we're just to guys to do it!

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Crime is down everywhere? One word, "Chicago"

Chicago 2014... worse than Baghdad..


"unless America finds the guts to do away with affirmative action programs and fatherless households."

How do you do away with fatherless households? Summary executions? Mass forced marriages, like the Moonies?


Hey Edroso - Still sucking Jay Carney's balls ?

Rocky Bass
Rocky Bass

My whole entire life I have been eye-witness to a dirty little black on white "gorilla"(sic) race war. My 1st post only scratches the surface of my experiences with blacks. This man really needs to move his family into a majority black neighborhood. Freaking St Louis is now two places higher on the worlds 10 most dangerous cities list than Mogadishu! I wonder if in Somalia, now they complain that crime is making areas look like St Louis? It's all thanks to black behavior. Now I know there are "some" normal hard working blacks but the proportion that are worthless is just way way too high! There is no place I can think of that would not be made better with fewer blacks.

Rocky Bass
Rocky Bass

Who is this IDIOT?   I grew up as a small guy, not reaching my hulking adult size of 5'6" <130lbs until I was about 17. I was always a minority in school and was attacked by blacks almost daily. Whenever passing a group in the hall, the all too familiar "white boy" this or that...Bang, as a random punch would be thrown 1/2 the time. Seldom did they ever attack one on one, unless they towered over me by 2-3X then they would get courage! I was robbed 3 times, 2 at gunpoint and 1 with a meat cleaver over my head. Chased off burglars several times, winging one with a.30-06' in the garage and holding him for the police. One afternoon another young black guy (as all other incidents) came into my house and started telling my grandfather about how he was going to rape my grandmother (who has in the back yard working in the garden). Thank GOD grandpa was able to get his little.32acp from the table next to his chair! The "man" ran for it and there is still a bullet hole in the wall next to the front door. Unfortunately this one got away and I am sure did more harm to others. I am aware of how blacks act and think, more so than most.


Spring has sprung, the sun shining on Edroso's chia-like hair, while he skips hand-in-hand with piss-gargling shitdick Jay Carney. At the White House, they linger for a moment before tickling Obama's balls with a turkey feather. After giving the President's rectum a vigorous lapping, it's back to their subterrainean love-nest to take care of the chilluns.


Edroso seldom scurries out of his nest in the winter, choosing to nurse his litter of little assholes. His mate, propaganda minister Jay Carney, pokes his furry head out, then registers all of them to vote and get welfare. By night he returns, carefully avoiding the "yoofs" and "teenagers" who would surely kill his young. He then regurgitates his liberal horseshit for the family.

Bail bonds in los angeles
Bail bonds in los angeles

Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!



In my city, blacks make up 40% of the population. Whites make up 40% of the population. The other 20% is Asian, Hispanic, and other.

The murder statistics, by race, are accessible to the public. Blacks committed 80% of the murders, last year, while only comprising 40% of the population.

A couple of black kids just robbed a white couple at gunpoint recently. They then took them behind a house and raped the girl while forcing her boyfriend to watch at gunpoint.

A black guy shot a white twenty something last year, in a good neighborhood, for his ipod.

A couple of other black men recently peppered a public bus with gunfire from a semi-automatic rifle.

I've personally been robbed at gunpoint twice, once by 3 black teenagers and once by two Hispanic teenagers. I feel fortunate to have escaped with my life both times.

Whites don't commit these type of crimes in my town. This is what we're forced to live with, and the author of this article wouldn't last five minutes in a black neighborhood in my city. Don't criticize the actions and statistics brought on by the black community themselves unless you are willing to live among them for extended periods of time. Sheltered apologist hypocrite.

Lori Theis
Lori Theis

AN 84-YEAR-OLD ex-university official savagely attacked by four young punksShea said the four assailants continued to beat him for minutes while he was on the ground. He said they were BLACK, appeared to be between 16 and 20, and three of them were wearing La Salle sweatshirts.'Geezer' won't let thugs ruin his walksBY STEPHANIE FARRPhiladelphia Daily Newsfarrs@phillynews.com 215-854-4225AN 84-YEAR-OLD ex-university official savagely attacked by four young punks during a walk in Wissahickon Valley Park earlier this week theorizes that the beating he endured was a cruel game of "get the old geezer."Jim Shea, a former vice president of university relations for Temple, from 1968 to 1983, walks up to five miles on Forbidden Drive, in Fairmount Park, three times a week, but that type of stamina wasn't enough to stave off the lowlifes who not only beat him bloody, but dealt a blow to one of the things he holds most dear - his pride.Shea was near the Valley Green Inn, on Forbidden Drive, in the Wissahickon Valley Park, about 1:15 p.m. Monday when he was hit from behind."I felt a real something to the head, a real blow to the head from behind," he said. "It knocked me to the ground; that was the biggie."Shea said the four assailants continued to beat him for minutes while he was on the ground. He said they were black, appeared to be between 16 and 20, and three of them were wearing La Salle sweatshirts.Police and Shea said that at least one of the attackers used a rock to hit him, causing deep cuts above his eyes. They all kicked and punched him while he was on the ground, conscious the entire time."There was only one I really saw well because he came back to kick me," Shea said. "The others spent a great deal of the time laughing."The real "stunner" to Shea is that they left without trying to take his wallet, keys or cellphone."I think it was just to get the old geezer," Shea said. "They were some bad kids with rancid souls."He tried to walk back to the Valley Green Inn alone, dripping with blood, but a bicyclist came to his aid.Shea spent four hours at Chestnut Hill Hospital, getting stitches in his face - from his eyelid to his cheek - and treatment for two large scrapes on his leg and elbow. Shea also said two bones in his nose were broken.The attackers have not yet been caught, police said yesterday. Despite that, Shea said he plans to be back out walking on Forbidden Drive next week."I hope to make myself do it," he said. "It's been a wonderful thing for me at my age."


Please, just let them kill each other. Oh, wait...but they attack innocent people, too. 



Edroso has constructed his nest for the winter with care. Carefully placed to avoid roving bands of schvuggies, it provides a good view when his furry head is above ground. The interior is stocked with cases of Massengill douchewater and stacks of the Village Voice, so he has a beverage and something to shit on. He waits for the full moon, then mates with White House  spokesman Jay Carney. In about 10 weeks, the asshole babies are born.

Lori Theis
Lori Theis

Edroso, try as you might you can't change reality. Sorry it has to kick you in the ass:'We got you, you white motherfucker!' " LaVelle said he heard someone yell in the "mob" of black and Hispanic youths.Chased home: Mob attacks man in his houseBY JULIE SHAWPhiladelphia Daily Newsshawj@phillynews.com 215-854-2592This story was updated at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 27.ABOUT 11 P.M. on Sept. 9, dozens of youths with bats and pipes descended on a tidy residential area of Port Richmond looking for white teens who allegedly had attacked an African-American kid at Stokely Playground a couple of hours earlier.Two fearful white teens spotted Mark LaVelle on Indiana Avenue near Belgrade Street and asked for help. Suddenly, the mob appeared. LaVelle, who said that he didn't know the two kids, who looked to be 13 or 14, ran with them into his nearby house." 'We got you, you white mother-------!' " LaVelle said he heard someone yell in the "mob" of black and Hispanic youths.Inside his house, LaVelle, 37, called to his wife, Kim, 30, to go to their bedroom with their twin 13-month-old boys, Mark and Mason, and to call police. He also ordered his two other sons, 11 and 17, and his nephew, 7, to stay upstairs.With the two teens hiding in the house, LaVelle, 5 feet 10, 220 pounds, a well-known sports-league organizer and coach in the community, went outside to try to calm the angry mob.They were standing on his steps. One shouted, " 'Something's going to happen now!' " LaVelle recalled in an interview Friday at his house. LaVelle got nervous and went back inside, locking his door with a deadbolt.But the attackers pounded on his front windows and kicked his wooden door so hard, it flew open and some of them entered his house."The first guy hits me with a pipe. The second guy knocks me in the face. All I'm hearing is my wife and kids screaming," said LaVelle, who feared that the next time they saw him, he would be in a casket.He said that he was able to push the attackers out the door, but then a third man - who had a gun - tried to extend his arm. LaVelle grabbed onto the gunman's lower arm and shoulder so he couldn't raise the weapon. Then, police sirens screamed in the neighborhood, and the mob turned and ran.LaVelle was able to identify three of the people from the melee. He said he did not know if they had been chasing the white teenagers, or if they were just trying to find someone to attack.Police arrested Bergson Morin, 21, of Rosehill Street near Wyoming Avenue, Feltonville, as the man with the gun. They arrested Enrique Delgado, 32, of Rockland and C streets, Feltonville, as the man who hit LaVelle with the pipe. And they arrested a 17-year-old juvenile as the one who punched LaVelle in the face, giving him a black eye.LaVelle said that the next day the mother of the juvenile came back with some other people, banging on his door, screaming. LaVelle, who was at a charity sports event, was called back to the house by one of his sons.When he got home, LaVelle said, the mother yelled at him, " 'You white mother------, you got my kid locked up! You got my son locked up because he's black, you're white!' " The mother claimed that her son had been "a witness," not an attacker. To that, LaVelle said if that were true, it would come out in court.But the mother, according to LaVelle, then yelled: " 'If you make it to court! I know where you live!' "Police public affairs could not confirm yesterday if the mother has been arrested for making threats.Patty-Pat Kozlowski, president of the Port Richmond on Patrol and Civic Association, said that police told her that the attack on LaVelle stemmed from the incident at Stokely Playground, Indiana Avenue and Thompson Street, a few blocks from LaVelle's house.She heard that an African-American "kid got knocked off his bike or fell off" and white kids were laughing at him. The group of African-Americans and Hispanics came back for retaliation, Kozlowski believes.She said she didn't know any of the people involved in the playground incident or in the attack on LaVelle. LaVelle said he also did not know anyone involved.Morin and Delgado, who face charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy, burglary, weapons and related offenses, were scheduled to face a preliminary hearing in Municipal Court today, but the hearing got postponed to Nov. 7. Delgado, who is in state prison, was not brought down to the city. Also, both defense attorneys requested a lineup in the case, which the judge granted. Morin is in custody in county prison. Their family members could not be reached for comment Monday.Freddy Godoy, Delgado's attorney, said yesterday that someone Delgado knows "was probably related to the child" who was attacked in the playground. But he contends that Delgado was not one of the people who attacked LaVelle.Richard Patton, Morin's attorney, declined comment yesterday.Kozlowski, a legislative aide to City Councilwoman Joan Krajewski and a lifelong Port Richmond resident, wrote about the attack in The Spirit community newspaper, which serves the river wards. Since then, the story has created a lot of buzz in the predominantly white neighborhood.Kozlowski and Maryann Trombetta, president of the Port Richmond Town Watch, both recalled the murder of Sean Daily, a white teen who was beaten and shot by bat-wielding youths, mostly Latino, in May 1989.They don't believe that the attack on LaVelle started as a racial incident, but believe that there was a racial element to it when the mob "called him a white mother------" and when the juvenile's mother allegedly threatened LaVelle.LaVelle, who runs sports leagues composed of youths and adults of different races, said he doesn't want any retaliation on the people who attacked him. But the attack has instilled fear in him and his family, and he hopes that there will be more of a police presence in the neighborhood.His wife is afraid to stay at home, and "every time I hear a car, I'm looking out the door," he said."It's not a good way to live."


I hope you get murdered by your precious niggers, Edroso.


Edroso, If you're reading this that means you are still alive. Why haven't you been boiled in a pot by those D.C. savages ? How come you haven't assessed your body of work and killed yourself  ? Why are you still breathing up our precious atmosphere ? Take a dirt-nap.

I'm racist waaaah waaah waah
I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Edroso is a naive reality-ignoring religious faith-based bitch!

  Teens Target Cyclists In ‘Knockout’ GameAugust 29, 2011 12:38 PMST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — There’s an alert out about recent assaults on bike riders in south St. Louis.Trailnet*org, an organization that promotes hiking and biking, is cautioning riders tobe on the alert for roving bands of teenagers who swarm and attack riders.Trailnet says the latest attack was last Thursday (8/25) afternoon near Missouri Botanical Garden where a group of 10 to 15 African-American teens charged and attacked a cyclist.“They weren’t really interested in robbing me. It just seemed like they wanted to beat me up,” says assault victim Cheech Ramirez. “They weren’t interested in letting me get off the ground and having a fair fight.”Ramirez says he and his friends returned to the scene minutes later to help another bicyclist who was being beaten.Police say there have been other, similar attacks in the city, and they believe all the victims are picked at random.Mayor Francis Slay is calling for action, possibly with citizen bike patrols set up with the help of Trailnet and local police.Police urge bike riders to be aware of their surrounding and call 911 when they see a swarm mob preparing an assault.   http://stlouis.cbslocal*com/2011/08/29/alert-for-swarm-and-slug-mobs/

I'm racist waaaah waaah waah
I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Won't it be so awesome when you naive white libtards get old, and your utopian fantasy of whites being a minority in the USA comes true?  When you are old and weak in the future, you will be able to fully enjoy all the amazing benefits of divershitty that you worked and "progressively advocated" so hard for.   


http://tinyurl*com/4xy4amqNYPD: Suspect Wanted For Attacks, Robberies Of Elderly Victims Near ChelseaAugust 24, 2011 8:56 AMNEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police are looking for a suspect who they say has attacked and robbed four men this month, three of them elderly, by choking them from behind before stealing their wallets or cash.The first robbery happened on August 13 around 7:30 a.m. on Broadway and West 28th Street.Police say suspect walked up to an elderly man from behind as he was walking into the N train subway entrance and choked him. The suspect stole the man’s wallet and then took off on foot.Police say the attack caused the victim to have a stroke.The second robbery happened on a few days later on August 16 around 3:45 p.m. at Urban Living on Broadway.Police say as an old man got on to an elevator, the suspect grabbed him from behind and choked him. The suspect took off with the man’s cell phone and some cash.Then on August 18 around 2:15 p.m. in the same area as the first robbery on Broadway and West 28th Street, police say he walked up to another man getting on the subway and choked him from behind before stealing his cash.The fourth robbery was on August 21 just after 10 a.m. at 8th Avenue and West 23rd Street. Police say again, the suspect came up behind an elderly man as he walked into the subway, but this time, hit the man with a blunt object.Police say he then choked the man and took money and his wallet. The victim’s trachea was injured from the attack.Police say the suspect is a black man in his mid 30s, 5’5″-6’0″ weighing about 220 pounds. He is bald with a stocky build and was wearing a white t-shirt. Anyone with information should call police or Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477) or go to www.nypdcrimestoppers*com.

I'm racist waaaah waaah waah
I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Hey Edroso, you reality-denying faith-based bitch!  Really terrible timing for your STUPID ARTICLE, brawh!  Read it and weep, then KILL YOURSELF for being a TOTAL FAILURE!!!!

NYC's First Overall Increase In Decades Said To Be Possible; City Hall ConcernedAugust 22, 2011 9:04 PM

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City’s overall crime rate could increase for the first time in decades, driven by alarming spikes in murder, rapes and robberies in many neighborhoods.A 400 percent increase in murders in tony Williamsburg; a 400 percent increase in rapes in Sheepshead Bay and a 250 percent increase in killings in Washington Heights are all troublesome statistics that have Mayor Michael Bloomberg and police officials concerned.“We worry every day about trying to make this city safer,” Mayor Bloomberg said Monday.

Although crime has fallen an enviable 35 percent since Bloomberg took office, in the past year it has risen in 34 of the city’s 76 precincts, and alarming spikes in some neighborhoods could lead to the first city-wide increase in decades.According to the NYPD:* The 100th Precinct in Rockaway, Queens has seen a 37 percent increase in crime* In the 34th in Washington Heights it’s up 24 percent* In the 77th in Crown Heights it’s up 21 percent.* In the 113th in St. Albans, Queens it has spiked 17 percent* In the 76th in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn it’s up 11 percent“I’m not worried about a crime wave. Once you get down to a certain level you probably can’t statistically get lower than a certain amount, so each year some will be up and some will be down but the police commissioner’s working full time on it,” Bloomberg said.In Crown Heights, which has seen an increase in robberies, rapes, burglary and grand larceny, people are talking about it.“It is getting worse,” one resident said.“Since the beginning of the year I heard about a couple of shootings but one big one was over there,” resident Maverick Dunkley said, motioning.“Quite recently in my apartment building I know that they were looking for an individual. Police officers came to the building looking for someone. It was a large number of police officers about 10 to 20,” another resident said.“I’m very concerned about it. The mayor needs to do something about it,” said Abdul Hamiyd, who works in the area.Some in Crown Heights think the increase is due to the economy because there are lots of people unemployed right now, young people who need jobs. The mayor, however, disputed that claim.

“People who commit crimes don’t read the Wall Street Journal,” Bloomberg said.The NYPD is fighting crime with 6,000 fewer cops since the mayor took office. Still, it’s launched a “get tough” policy with precinct commanders.The commander of the 34th Precinct in Washington Heights, for example, was removed recently because crime shot up so much on his watch.


Lori Theis
Lori Theis

Damned Chinese basketball players!http://www(dot)philly(dot)com/philly/news/local/20110823_Six_injured_in_shooting_at_Kingsessing_basketball_game.htmlSix injured in shooting at Kingsessing basketball gameBy Robert MoranInquirer Staff WriterSix people were injured during a shootout - one critically - at a local league basketball game attended by 500 people in the city's Kingsessing section Monday night, police said.The game was being held by the Eggy Taylor and Pick Brown League, which is run by the city, said Recreation Commissioner Susan Slawson.The victims were "innocent bystanders," Slawson said. One man was in critical condition.The apparent target was among the bystanders. "It didn't have anything to do with the basketball game," Slawson said.Police responded at 8:49 p.m. to reports of shots being fired at the Kingsessing Recreation Center's outdoor basketball courts and found three of the victims at the scene.During halftime, a man entered the area near the intersection of Chester Avenue and 49th Street and became involved in a gun battle with another man, said Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives. All victims were adults, and one was a woman.One victim was shot in the stomach and was transported by a medic unit to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in critical condition, police said. The two other victims found at the scene suffered minor wounds to their legs and were driven in a patrol car to the hospital.Then, at the hospital, the remaining victims arrived by private automobiles with minor gunshot wounds, police said. A crowd of friends and family members gathered outside the hospital.Identities of the victims were not available, but police reports said an 18-year-old man was shot in the leg; a 23-year-old man was hit in a thigh; a 19-year-old woman was shot in the right leg and foot; a 19-year-old man was shot in the left knee; and a 21-year-old was hit in the right leg.Two other shootings that occurred almost at the same time elsewhere in the city left one man in critical condition. A man in a fourth shooting also was in critical condition. At 8:53 p.m. in the 800 block of Butler Street in the city's Hunting Park section, a 23-year-old man was shot four times during a robbery, police said.A taxi transported him to Temple University Hospital, where he was reported in critical condition.At 9:04 p.m., a 29-year-old man was shot multiple times in the legs in the 1600 block of Dyre Street in the city's Frankford section. He was reported in stable condition at Aria Health-Torresdale Campus.In a fourth shooting, a 22-year-old man was wounded in the back when an unidentified person shot into the middle of a large fight in the 100 block of North Millick Street, police said.He was reported in critical condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.


From a black author at theroot(dot)com: "We could eliminate these 'institutional' brands of racism today and these guys would still be hitting the streets...If the cops had no reason to be in their neighborhoods, new generations of black teens would grow up with no reason to think of whites as an enemy." 

Lori Theis
Lori Theis

Police scramble to fight flash-mob mayhem(CNN) -- This week in Germantown, Maryland, it took less than a minute for a flash mob of teenagers to descend on a 7-Eleven, ransack shelves and make off with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff.It's going to take much longer for police in Montgomery County to figure out how to prevent it from happening again."We had always thought flash mobs happen in big cities. We are unprepared. We don't have anyone who has social-media expertise," said county police spokeswoman Janelle Smith. "Even if we did, our budget looks like every other law enforcement agency in the country. It's not pretty."Police in Maryland are not alone in their scramble to find creative, affordable and efficient ways to fight mayhem from flash mobs -- groups of people who gather in one location quickly after being summoned online. Law enforcement in big cities and small towns are all scrambling to, as Smith put it, "catch up with teenagers" when it comes to monitoring crime planning on the Web.This summer, spontaneous incidents of group violence -- dubbed "flash robs" -- have happened in Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, New York and Washington, among other cities. Most episodes involved groups of young people looting stores or assaulting pedestrians and then running off.Authorities said they believe at least some of these incidents were triggered by calls on social-networking sites to meet up and wreak havoc, although they cannot say for certain.Facebook riot inciters get jail timeViolent flash mobs slowed by new curfewOnce fun, flash mobs now fearedPhiladelphians react to teen mob attacksRELATED TOPICSCrimeFacebook Inc.Twitter Inc.By far, the worst flash-mob violence has occurred over the past few weeks in the United Kingdom. Angry hordes terrorized neighborhoods in London, Birmingham and elsewhere. Buildings were torched. People were beaten. Homes were vandalized and looted.British authorities said the rioters communicated their intent for destruction through BlackBerry Messenger, a private mobile-messaging system that's popular with young people in the UK. One reported text read: "If you're down for making money, we're about to go hard in east London."Police playing catch-upAt least one expert believes most members of law enforcement are far behind the times when it comes to battling flash robs."Part of the challenge is generational. Older officers in management positions -- the ones making decisions -- are often not as savvy as younger officers with social media," said Nancy Kolb, who oversees the International Association of Chiefs of Police's Center for Social Media. "It's important to empower your younger officers, or those with expertise, to teach everyone else."Many authorities said they believed for years that flash mobs were not a threat. The impression among officers was that flash mobs were harmless groups of strangers responding to a text or e-mail inviting them to gather to perform a cute choreographed dance routine in a public place, Kolb said. Witness the recent AT&T commercial about an ill-timed flash-mob dancer in New York's Grand Central Terminal.In October, the police executives group sent a survey to 728 law enforcement agencies in 48 states asking if flash mobs were a problem in their community. Eighty-one percent of respondents said no.More than 70% of responding agencies also said they had not identified any goals for officers' use of social-media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, even though the vast majority of law enforcement officers were using them. Sixty-six percent of respondents said they had received no training in how to use social media.When the group's Center for Social Media opened about a year and a half ago with Justice Department funds, flash mobs had only begun to show a dark side. Today, investigators are asking themselves: Why did flash mobs seem to go suddenly from fun to frightening?Jeff Gardere, a California psychologist who lectures widely on the motivations of young people, said he's not surprised by the shift."We're at a point where everyone understands the power of a flash mob," he said. "People inevitably started thinking this was accessible to them, and of course it is -- everyone has a phone."Gardere said he believes that part of the reason flash mobs have gotten violent is that young people are discontent and bored. They don't have jobs. They hear their parents talking about the lack of jobs. They feel their options are winnowing every day."This isn't just in England or Philly or Germantown but everywhere," Gardere said. "You've got a group that feels angry and powerless, and they're trying to assume a sense of power."A curfew in PhiladelphiaUntil recently, most law enforcement officials assumed flash mobs only happened in large cities. "It was Philadelphia who had the problem -- that seemed to be the thinking," Kolb said.Since the spring of 2010, police have reported a series of violent flash-mob incidents in central Philadelphia. In one episode last year, a crowd of some 200 lawbreakers, mostly teenagers, roamed the streets robbing bystanders and breaking windows. Authorities suspect the group gathered after seeing a call on Facebook or Twitter to meet up.Last month another flash mob  of about 30 teens allegedly beat two apparent bystanders near Philadelphia City Hall, knocking one unconscious and breaking another person's jaw. That incident came just weeks after a gang of youths, who Philadelphia authorities say were stoked by a call on social media, attacked diners leaving restaurants and robbed train passengers. Other flash robbers swarmed stores, grabbed what they liked and walked out.The violence prompted Mayor Michael Nutter and police to enforce a citywide curfew mandating that anyone over 18 be indoors by midnight. Parents of violators would be fined $500, they warned.Law enforcement experts believe that has been the most significant step to date in calming flash mobs . Philadelphia police investigators also have been friending younger Philadelphians on Facebook in the hopes of monitoring chatter about potential mayhem."The curfew idea was a great one, but temporary. The Facebook idea is where we need to go," said Los Angeles County Sheriff's Capt. Mike Parker, a leading expert on how law enforcement should use social media to fight crime.Name the social-networking site, and Parker has used it to help track down a criminal or do a background check. The skill he most often teaches other officers is how to recognize a Facebook posting or a Twitter hashtag that suggests flash-mob planning is under way.'Flash calling' and The GameParker is helping lead the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigation of hip-hop artist The Game, who sent a Twitter message last week that contained the phone number to a sheriff's station. Hundreds of the rapper's 580,000 Twitter followers overwhelmed dispatchers with calls, effectively preventing the public access to emergency help.The Game apologized for his tweet on CNN on Wednesday. It's unclear if he will be charged.That raises another question for law enforcement -- how should a person who encourages mayhem in a tweet be treated by the justice system?UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh said he believes they should be prosecuted the same way as someone who incites violence in person."We don't need to create a new set of laws for an old set of problems," Volokh told CNN.But Parker said police don't have a solution yet on how to stop flash calling."Just when we thought flash mobs were a problem, we have this to deal with," the sheriff's captain said. "But that's technology. There's always going to be something (new)."Authorities fight back onlineMany law enforcement agencies across the country are financially strapped and understaffed. In Los Angeles County, the sheriff's department has lost 500 officers recently to budget cuts, Parker said.Parker recommends that local agencies pool staff and budgets to train officers on social-media tools. He also suggests they set up websites for posting video -- such as surveillance-camera footage of a suspect -- that authorities want the public to see, promoted through the department's Twitter and Facebook accounts."This is so basic, but if you know there's going to be a dance, you have to get on the invite list," Parker says. "You have to be on these sites -- Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr -- with the mindset that you're not just watching passively. You're engaging."Parker urges fellow officers to network with citizens on Facebook and Twitter as a way of monitoring chatter and increasing cooperation with police."Make yourself a friend, approachable. You have to position yourself in a way that isn't threatening, because we really are not there to shut down anyone's fun," he said.Parker said the online chatter about flash mobs is often full of boasting. Would-be flash mobbers usually assume the police are the enemy, he said, so they amp themselves up for a fight."If you see that, try to get involved in the discussion and dispel it," he said. "It's all basic communication. Let me try to understand you, and you try to understand where I'm coming from."Police in Maryland acted quickly and creatively after the 7-Eleven robbery. Within hours, investigators posted surveillance camera footage on YouTube and blasted out that link on local media.Detectives then headed to a local high school, where they asked the principal and students to help them identify faces. Within a day, they had identified at least half of the alleged thieves, said Smith, the police spokeswoman.No arrests had been made as of Thursday morning."But we feel confident," Smith said. "Technology and old-fashioned police work are on our side."


Fuck you Edroso - Stick your chia-head into your own blog once in a while, you progressive shitwad. Edroso fiddles, while the schvuggies run wild. Do the right thing and kill yourself immediately.

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Roy "I'm moving to DC so I can get attacked by niggers easier" Edroso is the biggest reality-ignoring, faith-based, evolution-denying Creationist on Earth!   Kill yourself for being such a blatant dipshit and failure, Edroso!   NEWSFLASH!!!  Your new "relationship" in DC isn't going to work out!!!!  BWHA HAW HAW AHWHey Edroso you failure at everything!!!  REALITY ITSELF is RACIST.  Get used to it, you Pollyanna libtard!A huge fresh batch of 911 tapes has been released by the West Allis Police Department, shedding new light on the racially-fraught crime wave that gripped the Wisconsin State Fair last Thursday.Call after call came in to the 911 dispatcher, each sounding similar but adding a new story: "Hi I'm calling because my kids came from the state fair and they were attacked by a group of black people that opened the car door and started punching them," one woman tells the dispatcher. Then, another caller: "Hi, uhm, there was like 25 black kids that were trying to jump a State Fair park worker," a woman says.Meanwhile, West Allis police say race did play a factor in 11 incidents they're investigating from that night, including nine assaults, and that it might still charge some of the incidents from that night as "hate crimes," according to Milwaukee radio station WTMJ. Many of the tapes, which were obtained by  WTMJ, sound like echoes of each other.VIDEO OF THE VIOLENCE: Cell phone footage WI State Fair wilding [VIDEO]One caller just after 11:30 said he "just wanted to make sure somebody got to the kid who was getting, just, pummeled on the side of the road."​"The African Americans that were beating the hell out of him pulled him up off the sidewalk into the bush," he says. And then: "And the security guard, the African American lady that was working that gate, her ass needs to be fired, because she didn't do a damn thing. She just stood there and watched."In another tape, a man who sounds drunk or dizzy tells the dispatcher he was jumped and beaten, and eventually turns his rage on her. "Yeah, there's a group of African Americans that are walking down 75th Street, going north, that thought it was okay to have a law abiding citizen walking by... and they just jump me, what?"

"Do you need an ambulance, sir?"

"No I don't need an ambulance. I'm bleeding but I don't give a shit."

"Do you want an ambulance?"

"No I don't want a fucking ambulance. Send some squads, arrest these people."

"We have squads all over the area you're going to have to walk up to an officer and find one."

"Walk up to an officer? I don't see an officer anywhere what are you talking about?"

"We have about 20 squads all around the general area.""I mean this is what I gotta go through, I pay taxes and I'm walking down the fucking street  -- really? -- and this is what the fuck happens, some stupid fucking black motherfuckers, they think they can just punch people, really?"Wisconsin State Fair police arrested 23 people during the violence, all but one of them between the ages of 15 and 20, and West Allis Police arrested another seven. Police reports from the incident are expected to come out later today.http://blogs.citypages*com/blotter/2011/08/_911_police_tapes_wisconsin_state_fair_race_riot_hate_charges.php

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I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Hey Edroso!  You are the shittiest journalist on earth and you should kill yourself!  But first I'd LOVE to see you attempt to tell the Mayor of Philadelphia that the BLACK VIOLENT FLASH MOB problem he is addressed LAST NIGHT doesn't exist!


August 8, 2011

Philadelphia mayor talks tough to black teenagers after ‘flash mobs’

PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths “you have damaged your own race,” imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest “flash mob” — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.“Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr. Nutter, the city’s third black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”“If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.”

Mr. Nutter announced that he was beefing up police patrols in certain neighborhoods, enlisting volunteers to monitor the streets and moving up the weekend curfew for minors to 9 p.m.Parents will face increased fines for each time their child is caught violating the curfew.The head of Philadelphia’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, J. Whyatt Mondesire, said it “took courage” for Mr. Nutter to deliver the message.“These are majority African-American youths and they need to be called on it,” Mr. Mondesire said.Mary Catherine Roper, a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said her group sees the curfew move as legal with its sole caveat being that it not evolve “into an excuse to hassle” any youths on the street.The state ACLU filed a federal lawsuit last year challenging Philadelphia police’s use of “stop and frisk” searches. A settlement announced in June allowed the program to continue, along with safeguards to prevent the use of racial profiling.In the past two years, the City of Brotherly Love has been the scene of several flash mobs in which youths meet at planned locations by texting one another and then commit assorted mayhem.In one episode, teens knocked down passers-by on a Center City street and entered an upscale department store where they assaulted shoppers. On another occasion, hundreds of teens gathered in a restaurant district and menaced patrons, forcing some restaurant owners to lock customers inside temporarily for their own protection or to close early.In the latest event July 29, about 20 to 30 youths descended on Center City after dark, then punched, beat and robbed bystanders. One man was kicked so savagely that he was hospitalized with a fractured skull. Police arrested four people, including an 11-year-old.Other cities have grappled with the problem of destructive flash mobs. In Chicago on Memorial Day weekend, roving teens flashed gang signs, knocked cyclists off their bikes and harassed picnickers. Police closed a popular beach as the violence escalated.In January, dozens of young people stormed a popular Milwaukee mall late in the afternoon and scared customers and store employees.In the District of Columbia, about 20 teenagers entered the G-Star Raw store on Connecticut Avenue at Dupont Circle in April and stole about $20,000 worth of merchandise before fleeing.The problem has given a heavy dose of bad publicity to Philadelphia, which depends on tourism dollars. At one point last summer, city police stationed four officers at each intersection on weekend nights in a neighborhood where youths had congregated.Mr. Nutter, a strong ally of President Obama and vice president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, took to the pulpit of his Baptist church Sunday to deliver a 30-minute sermon about black families taking responsibility for the behavior.“The Immaculate Conception of our Lord Jesus Christ took place a long time ago, and it didn’t happen here in Philadelphia,” Mr. Nutter said. “So every one of these kids has two parents who were around and participating at the time. They need to be around now.”The mayor told parents, “If you’re just hanging out out there, maybe you’re sending them a check or bringing some cash by. That’s not being a father. You’re just a human ATM. … And if you’re not providing the guidance and you’re not sending any money, you’re just a sperm donor.”At City Hall on Monday, the mayor said gangs will be confronted.“If you want to be aggressive, we’re going to be aggressive,” Mr. Nutter said, before sending a warning.“Let me just share this with you. We’ve got the biggest, baddest gang in town - a committed group of citizens and a committed government - and we’re working together and we’re not going to have this nonsense anymore.”




to the author the crimes are none existant but yet was able to bring up 4 such incidents.  how many such incidents is too many for the author ?


Theories abound on how Edroso was hatched. Some say he somersaulted out of Cass Sunstein's vagina. Others believe he's the result of a controversial government program, where shit was stacked 5 feet high and taught to write.

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7 teeniggers brutally beat elderly couple during home apevasion.  Thank you, niggermammies, for giving your sprogs such STUPID GHETTO NIGGER NAMES!

         Seven teeniggers arrested after older couple terrorized, beaten during home invasion Police said they followed a trail of evidence to a group of teenagers, who they believe beat and robbed an Oklahoma City couple. BY BRYAN DEAN    Published: August 5, 2011Seven Oklahoma City teeniggers were arrested on complaints of robbery and aggravated assault and battery after an older couple were bound, beaten and threatened with a gun during a home invasion. Robert Jett, 78, and Joan Jett, 74, were at their home in the 300 block of Ranchwood Manor Drive about 4 a.m. July 28 when someone rang their doorbell, according to a police report.When Robert Jett answered the door, a man said he had been in a car wreck and needed to use the phone. The man pushed his way into the house and put a handgun in Robert Jett's mouth, authorities said. Six more people came inside the house and started asking where the couple kept their money.Robert Jett told police he was kicked in the groin and stomach several times. The Jetts then were tied up while their house was ransacked for about half an hour. The men eventually left in the Jetts' car after taking a small amount of cash, checkbooks and papers.Robert Jett then crawled out the front door and began yelling for help. Neighbors came to his aid and called 911.Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said police found the couple's car and a trail of evidence led to several suspects. Wardlow said police believe they have arrested everyone involved in the home invasion.Those arrested were: Trevion Moten, 16; Jemarcus Davis, 16; Kevin Mitchell, 15; Jamarionte Bruner, 15; Damion Gilbreath, 17; Robert Miller, 14; and Fayzzon Davis, 15.


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I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Oh lookie, a NIGGER robbed and killed a BLIND MAN.  What a huge surprise.

Niggers are cowards and usually attack in packs, and even then they usually only attack the weak and elderly.

 Teenigger Charged with Murdering Blind Man

The suspect has been charged with first- and second-degree murder and three other crimes. August 6, 2011A 17-year-old Bel Air, MD, nigger has been charged with murder in connection with the Friday night stabbing death of a blind man.

UPDATE (Monday, 3:13 p.m.): Prosecutors say Graham admitted to the crime Friday. They found bloody pants, knife, outside his apartment.

UPDATE (Monday, 10:47 a.m.): See full charging documents for the suspect here. Witnesses say they saw Donnell Graham in victim's apartment.

This is a follow-up to a story Patch broke Friday night. Find your local Patch here. For instant updates follow Patch on Facebook and Twitter.

Donnell Graham of the 200 block of Fairwood Road has been charged with first- and second-degree murder of Patrick Xavier Ward, according to Monica Worrell, spokeswoman for the Harford County Sheriff's Office. Graham was arrested Friday at his apartment on Fairwood Road by police, who tracked him with a K-9 unit.

Worrell said in a press release that Graham was trying to burglarize Ward's apartment. Ward startled Graham, who then allegedly stabbed him multiple times and fled the area.

Neighbors entered Ward's apartment through his balcony as they saw the suspect flee the scene.

The stabbing took place at about 8:50 p.m. in the 900 block of Redfield Road. Ward, who was legally blind, was 29.

Graham has also been charged with first- and second-degree assault and possession of a deadly weapon with intent to injure. He is being held without bail at the Harford County Detention Center.

The suspect has a bond review scheduled for Monday at 1:15 p.m. in Harford County District Court.

A witness told Patch that Ward was stabbed four times in the chest. He was pronounced dead upon arrival to the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, Worrell said.http://belair.patch*com/articles/teen-charged-with-murdering-blind-man-2


"The Milwaukee, DC, and Las Vegas incidents were unfortunate"

I would have used a word like "evil", but whatever. Perhaps Edroso could interview one of the victims and ask them the single word they'd choose to describe the incidents. What are the odds that word would be "unfortunate"?

If they beat up Edroso, *that* would be most unfortunate.

Buck Ofama
Buck Ofama

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August 6, 2011

Violence at State Fair forces questions about race

"This newspaper normally avoids mentioning the race of people involved in crime, unless it's part of a description to help apprehend someone at large.

But this incident, along with the looting and racially motivated beatings in Riverwest last month, has forced the issue. Similar wilding forced the Greek festival to move out of its northwest side neighborhood, the late Riversplash was hobbled by violence, and Summerfest this year had trouble at a hip-hop show.

Forget about blaming society, though I suspect plenty of these kids grew up with poverty, violence, unsafe neighborhoods, lousy parents or other challenges. The responsibility for this thuggery lies with the perpetrators. And they may not realize that the damage they're causing may be inflicted mostly on them in the long run as doors close and attitudes harden."


The Mad Jewess
The Mad Jewess

Roy, you need to start telling the TRUTH about this black on white rioting, and stop attacking people that are white and trying to protect themselves.

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I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Oh lookie.... NIGGERS AGAIN.  What a huge fucking shocking surprise!

Video: Gunmen Open Fire at Bus in PhiladelphiaFriday, 05 Aug 2011, 8:50 AM EDT

A nightmare came to life on board a public bus in Philadelphia back in July. Prosecutors showed security camera video in court showing passengers scrambling as men with guns open fire, according to myfoxphilly*com . Prosecutors say the shooting and violence triggered because of a phone call that a woman, Penny Champan, made after having words with someone on the bus. The video shows Chapman's boy running up and down the aisles by one of the seven cameras on board. Finally she grabs the child and spanks him. A man sitting behind her doesn't approve and he threatens to turn her in for child abuse. She then makes a phone call. Investigators say she made that call to set up what is about to happen. A few minutes later, Chapman exits from the back, where the boy's uncle is waiting. He helps them off and holds the door open for two guys, brothers Caron and Rahim Patterson. Investigators say they open fire with an assault rifle and handgun. Innocent passengers on board instantly turn into possible victims. A prosecutor said that at least 5 of the bullets came right through the back door and several come through the side. In the chaos a mother grabs her child and runs for the front. Other passengers try to hide. An 80-year-old woman freezes for a few moments before she drops and covers her head, just a moment before as a bullet shatters the glass above her. Passengers pile up in front, including the man who criticized Chapman, the initial target of the gunfire. Finally the bus driver hits the gas and everyone gets away unharmed. Defense lawyers argued that since no one was hit, no assault took place [TYPICAL "NIGGERLOGIC"], according to MyFoxPhilly*com.  http://www.myfoxny*com/dpp/news/video-gunmen-open-fire-at-bus-in-philadelphia-20110804

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I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

HEY EDROSO, you religious dipshit, you reality-denying niggerlover!  Come back here and make some more of your impotent snarky comments!  Come back here and make yourself look like EVEN MORE OF A DUMBASS than you already have!  THEN KILL YOURSELF.

Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacksBy Jay Sorgi and the WTMJ News TeamCREATED 5:21 AM - UPDATED: 9:32 AMWEST ALLIS - Witnesses tell Newsradio 620 WTMJ and TODAY'S TMJ4 of a mob of young people attacking innocent fair-goers at the end of the opening night of State Fair, with some callers claiming a racially-charged scene.

Milwaukee Police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair.

Witnesses' accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night.

Authorities have not given official estimates of the number of people involved in the attacks.

"It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people," said Norb Roffers of Wind Lake in an interview with Newsradio 620 WTMJ.  He left the State Fair Entrance near the corner of South 84th Street and West Schlinger Avenue in West Allis.

"They were attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever."

"It was 100% racial," claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran from St. Francis who says young people beat on his car. 

"I had a black couple on my right side, and these black kids were running in between all the cars, and they were pounding on my doors and trying to open up doors on my car, and they didn't do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us.  They just kept walking right past their car.  They were looking in everybody's windshield as they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black.  Guarantee it."

Eric, a war veteran, said that the scene he saw Thursday outside State Fair compares to what he saw in combat.

"That rated right up there with it.  When I saw the amount of kids coming down the road, all I kept thinking was, 'There's not enough cops to handle this.'  There's no way.  It would have taken the National Guard to control the number of kids that were coming off the road.  They were knocking people off their motorcycles."

Another witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said, "it was like a scene you needed the National Guard to control."

"To me, it looked like a scene out of a movie," claimed the anonymous witness. 

"I have not seen anything like this in my life.  It was a huge mob, and it was a fight that maybe lasted one to two minutes."

Roffers claimed that as he left the state fair with his wife, crowds near that entrance were large, and someone in that crowd .

"As we got closer to the street, we looked up the road, and we saw a quite a bit of commotion going on and there was a guy laying in the road, and nobody was even laying there.  He wasn't even moving.  Finally a car pulled up.  They stopped right next to the guy, and it looked like someone was going to help him.  We were kind of stuck, because we couldn't cross.  Traffic was going through.  Young black men running around, beating on people, and we were like 'Let's get the heck out of here.'  The light turned, and I got attacked from behind.  I just got hit in the back of the head real hard.  I'm like, 'What the heck is going on here?'  I heard my bell ring."

Roffers further described what witnesses said happened to the man who was lying in the street.

"People were saying he was on a bike.  They tore him off his bike and beat on him.  We were walking to the west on Schlinger.  I was watching behind me a lot more diligently, making sure there wasn't anybody coming to get us anymore."

One person claimed that someone was knocked off a motorcycle.

TODAY'S TMJ4 video shows West Allis police handcuffing at least one person, but they won't say how many people they took into custody.

Some witnesses described attacks on the State Fair Grounds as well.

Milwaukee Police said that their officers were sent to State Fair Park for "complaints of battery, fighting and property damage due to a large, unruly crowd."

A police sergeant told TODAY'S TMJ4's Melissa McCrady that the number of calls describing injuries are still coming in, so they could not give an accurate number of people who were injured.

That sergeant explained that some injuries were serious, and local hospitals were attending to the injured.

As of early Friday morning, Milwaukee Police said they had no one in custody.

One woman told police that she was sitting in her car with a window down when some teenagers reached through her window and started attacking her.

"I think once we get all the info in it'll be just like that, like what happened in Riverwest," said the police sergeant.

West Allis Police ask you to call them at 414-302-8000 if you have any information.

Eric: "I feared for my life"

Eric, who asked Newsradio 620 WTMJ not to use his last name, talked about the incidents that happened as he, his wife and a neighbor left the fair Thursday.

"We exited at the Schlinger and 84th exit, and we walked south about a block, and then went up and got our car, came back up and around down Schlinger.  When we made a left hand turn, we were stopped in traffic. I looked toward the bridge, right before you get on the freeway, and all I saw was a road full of black kids, jumping over people's cars, jumping on people's hoods, running over the top of them."

Eric then claimed that he saw hundreds of young black people coming down a sidewalk.

"I saw them grab this white kid who was probably 14 or 15 years old.  They just flung him into the road.  They just jumped on him and started beating him.  They were kicking him.  He was on the ground.  A girl picked up a construction sign and pushed it over on top of him.  They were just running by and kicking him in the face."

Then, Eric talked about trying to get out of the car to help the victim.

"My wife pulled me back in because she didn't want me to get hit.  Thankfully, there was surprising a lady that was in the car in front of me that jumped out of the car real quick and went over there to try to put her body around the kid so they couldn't see he was laying there and, obviously, defenseless.  Her husband, or whoever was in the car, was screaming at her to get back into the car.  She ended up going back into the car.  These black kids grabbed this kid off the ground again, and pulled him up over the curb, onto the sidewalk and threw him into the bushes like he was a piece of garbage."

Eric claimed that the victim in that beating was by himself, and that there was a split of white people on one sidewalk and black people on the other.

"There was nobody else around to help him.  There were no other white people, period, on that side of the street.  They were going in the opposite direction because, those people who were coming out of the fair that saw these people coming, they either went back into the fair or took off running south on 84th Street."

Eric expressed anger at the State Fair Police for what he considered a lack of response.

"The thing that irritated me, the State Fair Police, the State Police, were down by the Pettit entrance to get in there," said Eric. "There was probably 5 or 6 officers down there.  That's where all these kids came from.  They came out of the Midway, across the front of the Pettit.  They were still filing out of there.  The State Fair Police, they knew this was going on.  They knew these kids were beating these guys in between that exit and Schlinger at the next gate."

"They were stopping traffic, and I said 'What in the hell,' excuse my language, 'what are you guys doing directing traffic when there are 300, 400 black kids up the road beating the hell out of everybody, pushing people off of motorcycles?'  I was livid.  I could not believe they were directing traffic."

Fair worker: attacks not limited to outside fairgrounds

A witness told WTMJ that as he worked in a kiosk at the State Fair Midway, he saw what he described as "a Riverwest type mob. Easily between 50 - 100 kids all under 18 and all African American.  They were running around knocking people over (young kids and adults), looting the Midway games (stealing the prizes), starting fights."

The witness, who asked not to be identified, couldn't say for certain if only white people were being attacked.

"It was just complete chaos.  There were police on horses, lots of security guards, and EMT's on the scene.  They never got control of the area."

A State Fair spokeswoman said that there were arrests made involving the incidents on the grounds.

He said that as the violence happened, he was "getting ready to grab my cash register and run."

"Not to mention this type of behavior started around 7pm and forced me to close down my stand at 9pm.  It scared the paying customers out of the midway."

The man said hoping to bring family on Friday, but has decided not to.

"I was planning on bringing my two kids to the fair tonight.  I won't be.  We'll go to the zoo instead."

Woman: Teenagers in mob didn't attend rap concert

One woman who asked not to be identified tells us that contrary to some belief, the young people involved in the mob did not go to the rap concert that night.

"The mob of black teenagers involved in the beatings and damage outside of State Fair last night were not there for the MC Hammer concert," said the woman.

"I attended that concert with three of my friends last night and the crowd was mostly white and adult (as are my friends and I). Any kids there seemed to be with parents."

She described what she saw as she left the fair.

"As we came through the exit we saw a white boy lying in the street, in the fetal position right by the traffic light, and coming towards us was tons and tons and black teens – there had to have been over a hundred – in the middle of 84th Street and on the sidewalk headed south," she said.

"Some who stopped to kick or punch him - or in the case of one girl drop kick him in the head - as they walked past. My friends and I started towards him to help him up and a black girl walked past telling us 'ya’ll gonna get your ***** kicked' repeatedly. As my friend stood in front of the boy trying to get him up one of the teens picked up a traffic cone, hit her in the back of the head and ran off. A car stopped, a white woman got out to try and help. Teens jumped onto the hood of the car and ran over it. She just kept saying 'What is wrong with you!?' "

The witness also told us that not every African-American teenager outside the fair grounds acted violent.

"We continued to move towards the parking lot, through even more black teenagers. Thankfully this part of the crowd was not violent."

Roffers: "What in the hell's going on there?"

Roffers described his emotions and reactions to the attacks outside the park.

"I turned around and looked, there was this black kid standing there laughing, thinking it's funny.  My wife's like, 'Let's get out of here.'  It's one of those things, you don't expect it.  Your reaction to it is, first of all, quite surprised, then you get so angry, it's like, 'What in the hell's going on there?  Why are these guys acting like such hoodlums?  What are they picking on anybody for?'  We were just like cattle being herded out of the park, and they were picking and choosing who they wanted to beat on."

He said his injuries were limited to a headache.

Roffers said the attack wouldn't stop him from attending the State Fair.

"We will be going back," said Roffers.

"It's a family event for us.  We get together with our family and we do stuff at the park to enjoy the fair.  My biggest concern is that the State Fair Park Police and West Allis get their heads out of their butts and figure out how to do some security over there.  This isn't the first year State Fair has been going on.  They should know what the heck they've got to do and where they've got to have people in place by now."

He said that the fear spread beyond those who he believed were the target.

"There were a lot of people scared," claimed Roffers. 

"There were even some young black girls.  They were screaming.  They were running across the road.  This one girl was like, 'I don't know how I'm going to get out of here.  I'm all by myself.'  My wife heard her saying that.  She said, 'Walk with us.  Stay with us and you'll be OK.'  We told her we were going down the street.  If she needed any assistance, we were just going down to our car.  She needed to go quite a way."

"There was this terror going on when you leave the place, you just wonder.  Luckily, all the violence that was happening stayed right close by the park entrance.  As we got a block away from the park, that's when the cops started showing up."

He said the lack of police and security presence will bring about his complaint up the various channels of State Fair and local police.

"They should be able to provide safety and traffic control," said Roffers.  "I've never worried about it before."

He said he would give a written complaint to the State Fair and put in a call to West Allis Police, but that's not all.

"I will be contacting the State Fair Park Board and I'm going to chew on their butts a little bit about what happened."

State Fair spokeswoman: "Unfortunate situation, hopefully an isolated situation."

State Fair Director of Marketing and Communication Kathleen O'Leary told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's  "Wisconsin's Morning News" that the incidents should not stop people from coming to the fair.

"Certainly, don't change your plans," said O'Leary.  "Please understand that this is an unfortunate situation, hopefully an isolated situation."

Though witnesses had reported incidents inside the fair, she said the problems were mainly outside the fairgrounds.

"Not so much inside," claimed O'Leary.

"We had complete control inside of what was happening inside of our gates.  It's what what spread into the neighborhoods."

O'Leary also pointed out that the fair has "taken measures already with the bag checks, when you come into the fair," but will increase authorities' presence for the remaining days at the fair.

"We will be taking severe measures, significant measures.  We are in task force already, circling back around, doing everything that we can to make sure the experience is enjoyable and that the safety is insured," said O'Leary.

"They see the yellow security shirts.  We have mounted police.  We have bike police.  We have our patrolling police.  We have undercover police.  That's all because that's exactly what we want.  We want the safety measures intact at every turn."http://www.todaystmj4*com/news/local/126825018.html

I'm racist waaaah waaah waah
I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

England is so "progressive"!   Seven vile niggers caught on CCTV celebrating the murder of a white 16-year old schoolboy.  Check out the photos of the "english" rocket-scientist niggers at the original article.

KILL YOURSELF EDROSO!Public transportation is so "progressive" and groovy, you get your boring white lives enriched by the amazing vibrant divershitty of murderous niggers.Shaking hands in celebration on a bus, thugs who had just hunted down a schoolboy, 16, like a pack of animals and stabbed him to death.4th August 2011Leaning across the bus seat, these teenage killers shake hands in a sickening moment of self-congratulation. One is heard to say to another: ‘You’re the new young boss.’Just half an hour earlier they had been among a vicious gang who hunted down a schoolboy ‘like a pack of wild dogs’ before knifing him to death.The gang are now behind bars. They were jailed for a total of 74 years yesterday over the killing in broad daylight in a busy shopping street of 16-year-old Nicholas Pearton.The teenager was pursued across a suburban park by his attackers, many of whom were still in their school uniform, before he was stabbed through the heart and collapsed in a shopdoorway in front of his mother, Kim.As the gang fled, they waved their knives in the air and shouted the name of the gang ‘triumphantly’.The still from bus CCTV footage shows two gang members, then aged just 16, celebrating. Dale Green, who minutes earlier plunged a kitchen knife into Nicholas’s back, can be seen clasping hands with gang leader Lamarr Gordon in a ‘sickening gesture of approval and congratulation’.Gordon – known as ‘Lamarr the scar’ because he had a scar from 23 stitches in his face – was heard to praiseGreen’s knifing, telling him: ‘You’re the new young boss’. Another member Joseph Appiah, then 15,carried out a head count to make sure none of the gang – known as Shanks and Guns (shanks being slang for knives) – had been arrested after the attack in Sydenham, South London, in May last year. Other gangmembers had abandoned an armoury of weapons including knives and woodenpoles in the park.The Old Bailey heard that Nicholas, who was training to be a carpenter, was ‘in the eyes of his attackers’ involved with a rival gang, the Sydenham Boys. It was a rivalry, the court was told, fuelled by a threatening video posted on YouTube.Yesterday the victim’s father Vince Pearton, 43, and mother Kim Whoolley, told of how their family had been torn apart by the death of their son. Lucy Kennedy, prosecuting, read anemotionally-charged statement from the parents.In it, Mr Pearton said his son’s murder had ‘broken the chain that bonds our family together and we will be forever incomplete. Our loss and accompanying feeling of emptiness isan all-consuming and inescapable daily torment for us’.The gang were all from South London and aged between 15 and 17 at the time of the attack. They were unmaskedyesterday as judge Anthony Morris lifted a ban on reporting their names. Passing sentence, the judge said the gang was responsible for the ‘senseless and tragic loss of a young life’.‘This case involved gratuitous violence in public places, which seriously discourages law-abiding citizens from walking the streets,’ he said. ‘The group was like a pack of wild dogs hunting down its prey.‘This was a particularly cowardly attack, as all the defendants knew he was alone and unarmed.’Green, 17, of Catford, Gordon, 17, of Bromley, and Appiah, 16, described as a talented athlete of Lewisham, had denied murder but were convicted. They were all sentenced to life with Green jailed for a minimum 15 years, Gordon 14 years and Appiah 12 years. Four others, Terell Clement, 18, of Deptford, Claude Gaha, 17, of Bromley, Edward Conteh, of Peckham, and Demar Brown, 16, of Hither Green, were jailed for a total of 33 years after being convicted of manslaughter.NIGGERShttp://www.dailymail*co*uk/news/article-2022508/Seven-youths-labelled-pack-animals-given-total-74-years-prison-murder-schoolboy-16.html

I'm racist waaaah waaah waah
I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Roy Edroso is such a faith-based religious bitch, he stupidly denies the most easily-verifiable facts of reality.  What a lame cunt, you should kill yourself Edroso, because you are a total failure as a "journalist", as a propagandist, and as a person.

Stopping Center City from becoming 'flash mob city'Tuesday, August 02, 2011CENTER CITY - August 2, 2011 (WPVI) -- On the streets of Center City, residents are just simply tired of thinking about the threat of a flash mob.     "It's so unpredictable and I was thinking for the first time today, driving home from work, I'm going to have to invest in some mace," Mike Kaiser of South Philadelphia said. The city announced a coordinated effort tonight to deal with the roving and violent groups of kids. "The bottom line is you don't walk around hitting people for no reason at all in a random way and that's just got to stop," Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison said. Gillison and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey met with other top public safety leaders for two and a half hours this evening to discuss solutions. They announced two increased police patrols and an outreach program through Mayor Michael Nutter's 'I Pledge' campaign. The effort which was launched last month has a list of business owners and community members who have pledged to help cut down on violence. "We have different things we want to talk to them about the next couple of days. They will be asked to do specific things and volunteer their time to help with our youth to make sure they don't go down these paths," Gillison said. "I think you should talk to kids about why it is they're doing what they're doing; are there funding cuts that are taking away from activities they could be participating in?" Marie Pouchnikova of Ridley Park said. Commissioner Ramsey says he's already deployed more officers into Center City, but there will be more in the days and weeks to come. He's also asking for help from parents. "This isn't just a city problem, government problem, these are just people who need to learn how to control themselves and act in a responsible way," Ramsey said. Resident Mike Kaiser says whatever it takes. "There's so many great things going on in this city that we don't need to be known as the flash mob city," Kaiser said.   http://abclocal.go*com/wpvi/story?section=news%2Flocal&id=8285756


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I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Edroso is a willfully-naive reality-denying religious dipshit!

Ottowa Cops Preparing "Strategic Response" to Flashrob Mobs

Doug Hempstead, Ottawa Sun, August 1, 2011In the wake of two so-called flashrobs in recent weeks, Ottawa cops are ramping up their efforts to fight crimes being planned through social media.The news comes after separate groups of thieves stormed into two businesses over the past few weeks and made off with handfuls of stolen merchandise in a matter of seconds.The Quickie store at Parkdale Ave. and Scott St. was robbed July 16 and the Independent Grocer in Alta Vista was hit July 23. Police don’t think the two crimes are related, but know these types of robberies are often planned through social media like Twitter and Facebook.They’re hoping somebody recognizes the thugs in the video, available on ottawasun*com, but the best way to fight this kind of crime is to stop it before it happens.“That’s extremely challenging,” said Inspector Don Sweet. “You have to be on the inner-circle to get tipped off. It’s pretty hard to become friends with people with criminal intent on Facebook when you’re a cop.”Sweet said the flashrobs are nearly as quick to organize as they are to carry-out.“It takes about a half-hour to organize and then the crime is instantaneous,” he said.It’s something he’s working together with Ottawa Police’s criminal intelligence section on. That unit is the one which keeps an eye on anarchist websites and the like—which sometimes will write about intentions to disrupt major events in the city, like diplomatic or Royal visits, and G8/G20 meetings.“It’s very challenging to pin-point smaller events,” Sweet said. “It’s all new, but we’re in the middle of a project—a strategic response to social media.”Toronto Police is doing the same. The force aims to have nearly 200 cops with Facebook pages and Twitter profiles before Christmas. The new project is set to be announced this week after the first set of officers gets trained.Sweet said Ottawa will likely begin with Facebook profiles for its community policing offices or the constables assigned to them.“Will we have a Tweeting chief? Who knows. With Vern White, I’d say it’s definitely possible.”ottawasun*com/2011/08/01/cops-preparing-strategic-response-to-flashrob-mobsVideo of black "canadian" mob robbing store here:youtube*com/watch?v=Q_riK7BpUK0&feature=player_embedded

I'm racist waaaah waaah waah
I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Holy shit you are the worst "journalist" Edroso!  

TORONTO IS ONLY 8% BLACK, but BLACKS commit over 90% of ALL HOMICIDES in Toronto.

Toronto Police Involved in Caribbean Fest Shooting  [LOL IMAGINE THAT]

CBC News, August 1, 2011

Toronto police officers “interacted” with three men ahead of a fatal shooting and wounding of two others after this weekend’s Caribbean Carnival parade in Toronto, the province’s Special Investigations Unit says.

A 30-year-old Toronto man died and two other people were hospitalized after the incident.

The deceased has been identified, but his name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin, according to police. A post-mortem in Toronto is scheduled for Monday morning.

The SIU, a civilian agency that investigates situations involving police and civilians that lead to a serious injury or death, said police were called to an area near the parade after receiving a report of a disturbance involving three men.

“Officers interacted with the men and shots were fired,” the SIU said in a news release early Sunday.

No more details about the shooting were released. It is unclear whether the officers involved fired the bullets that killed the man or wounded the others.

Emergency services officials said two people—the 30-year-old male and a 21-year-old Pickering woman—suffered multiple gunshot wounds, while the third male victim, an 18-year-old from Toronto, was injured in the eye.

The SIU said one man and the woman were taken to St. Mike’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The woman underwent surgery on Saturday night.

The man with the eye injury was admitted to Toronto General Hospital.

The SIU said it had assigned six investigators and three forensics investigators to the incident. Interviews with 16 civilian witnesses were progressing, the SIU said.

Festival CEO Denise Herrera Jackson said in a statement on the carnival’s website that organizers are deeply saddened by the loss of life.

“Our festival is about love and community, and to have this happen so close to our event is devastating,” Jackson said in the statement.

“We work so hard to make our event safe and family friendly, it is unthinkable that such a thing could happen.”http://www.cbc*ca/news/canada/toronto/story/2011/07/31/siu-shooting-toronto.html

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I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Hey Edroso, you reality-denying religious faggot!  Where are you?  You are the shittiest so-called "journalist" on Earth, and you should kill yourself because you are such a huge failure.

City Preparing Response to Random Attacks by Youths

Allison Steele and Mike Newall, Philadelphia Inquirer, August 1, 2011

A man who crossed paths with a group of teenagers Friday afternoon in Old City ended up in the hospital with broken teeth and a wired jaw after the youths attacked him at Fourth and Walnut Streets.

Seven hours later, a crowd of young people cut a path of destruction through several Center City blocks, assaulting four other men, apparently at random, and leaving one unconscious and bleeding from the head. Of the four people arrested in those attacks, one is an 11-year-old boy.

On Monday, city officials promised to come down hard on anyone caught committing such acts of violence. They also said they were developing a “coordinated response” to deal with random youth attacks, a problem for more than a year despite increased patrols and a shift toward stricter punishments for offenders.


The Police Department on Monday also announced the launch of SafeCam, an online program that allows residents and businesses to register their security cameras with the city, to help police apprehend suspects quickly.

For police, the problem of so-called flash mobs or “wilding” youths has proved frustrating. The city gained national attention last year for stories about large packs of teenagers tearing down sidewalks, knocking over pedestrians, fighting, and vandalizing the Macy’s store in Center City.


In the most recent attacks, a 36-year-old man was jumped by a group of youths at Fourth and Walnut about 2 p.m. Friday. According to one witness, who asked not to be identified, the man walked by a group of teenagers who suddenly began punching and kicking him.


The man was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital with jaw and tooth injuries, police said.

It was not clear whether the afternoon attack had any connection to the later violence.


About 9 p.m., teenagers swarmed the sidewalk near 15th and Sansom Streets and punched a 33-year-old man in the face. An 11-year-old boy tried to grab the man’s bag, according to a police report, but was not successful.

As the teens ran toward Walnut Street, police said, they punched another man they passed, knocking him to the ground. {snip}

The mob then ran to Locust Street, where it descended on another person. One attacker snatched a wallet and cellphone from the victim and held it in the air as others in the group tried to snatch it away, witnesses said.

“No, you can all get your own cellphone on the next person we get,” the teen told his friends, according to a police report.

At Juniper Street and Walnut, the group surrounded a 59-year-old man, punched and kicked him unconscious, and left him in the street, bleeding from the head. The teenagers fled as police arrived, but officers caught four of them, authorities said.


On Saturday, Raymond Gatling, 19, and three juveniles, ages 11, 16, and 17, were charged with conspiracy, aggravated assault, and recklessly endangering another person. {snip}http://www.philly*com/philly/news/breaking/20110801_City_preparing_response_to_random_attacks_by_youths.html

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Police: Teens Leave Church Picnic to Riot in East Liberty


 WPXI (Pittsburgh), August 1, 2011

About 100 teenagers swarmed from a McDonald’s to Trader Joe’s to a new Target store during a riot in East Liberty on Sunday, police said.

Police said the trouble started at Mellon Park, where Mount Ararat Baptist Church had just wrapped up its community picnic.


When reporter Dave Bondy arrived at the scene, police were everywhere. At least a dozen officers were ordering hundreds of teenagers to leave Penn Avenue.

A group of juveniles ran into Target and, according to an employee, they caused a mess in the toy aisle.

“They came in Target, they were throwing chairs, everybody went running,” said witness Shauny Bowe.

“Everybody was just running everywhere,” said Bowe. “They went to McDonald’s, and they told people to get out, cussing and swearing. They were about to taze people. I was scared for my life.”

As members of the church cleaned up the park, they said they are saddened that a day of fun and worship is now associated with disruption and vandalism.


Police said they made only a few arrests and no one needed to be seen by medics.


[Editor’s Note: Be sure to view the video in the original article to get an indication of who the rioters were.]http://www.wpxi*com/news/28723567/detail.html

I'm racist waaaah waaah waah
I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

Roy Edroso is a naive RELIGIOUS bitch!

Teen mayhem hits Philly's streets againJuly 30, 2011A mob of unruly teens last night once again wreaked havoc on Center City, assaulting and robbing random pedestrians.About 9:15 p.m., police began to receive 9-1-1 calls about a group of 20 to 40 teens assaulting people. Police found a man on the ground bleeding badly from the head at Walnut and Juniper streets. He was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.Brian Mishico, who was working the door at Good Dog Bar and Restaurant on 15th Street near Locust, said a crowd of about 30 kids, some who looked as young as 12, split into two groups as they walked down 15th Street.

On one side of the street, the marauding youths knocked over a planter at the Aria condominium building. "They just knocked over everything on the street," he said.On the other side of 15th Street, kids started randomly fighting pedestrians on the sidewalk in front of the Max Brenner restaurant, Mishico said."It's crazy, I've never seen anything like it," Mishico said. "It seems totally random."A patron at Fado, at 15th and Locust, said the group then turned left on Locust heading toward Broad and came upon two men and a woman. They started assaulting the men, then someone grabbed the woman's hair and punched her in the head.At least five people were arrested.- Daily News staff reporthttp://articles.philly*com/2011-07-30/news/29833311_1_locust-teen-streets

I'm racist waaaah waaah waah
I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

 Roy Edroso is a NAIVE WIMPY FAITH-BASED BITCH Flash mob appears at firefighters carnival in Union County, causing fights to break outJuly 27, 2011, 7:18 PM     Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 By

Ryan Hutchins/The Star-Ledger 

WINFIELD — An unruly flash mob showed up at a long-running firefighters carnival in Union County’s tiny Winfield Township on Tuesday night, authorities said today.

One Linden police officer working near the carnival saw as many as 150 young people marching toward the event around 10 p.m., said Lt. James Sarnicki, a spokesman for the Linden department. Officers had to call in backup from other municipalities and the county police force, he said.

Some fights broke out and several people were arrested after screaming obscenities at police, Sarnicki said.

Winfield, a community of some 1,400, has its own small police force, but officials there did not return a call seeking comment today.

Sarnicki said it appeared chatter on social networking sites may have started — or exacerbated — the situation. Indeed, there were numerous mentions of the event on Twitter and Facebook.

Police staffing at the carnival, which ends Saturday, will be increased for the remainder of the week.http://www.nj*com/news/index.ssf/2011/07/flash_mob_appears_at_union_cou.html


@Rocky Bass You're an ass and a boldface liar! WHITE FOLKS COMMIT THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF VARIOUS CRIMES here in the United Snakes AND throughout the entire world! 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! NO OTHER sector of humanity CONSTANTLY speaks upon and carries out evilness, corruption, hatred, death, and destruction like WHITE FOLKS. NOT EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE! Your comments do not surprise in the least. I come to expect them kkkowardly White BOYS like yourself. Grow up, speak the truth, and graduate to MANhood, son. One, D :-|


@Lori Theis  I think that we should go back to public hangings for them,and while their hanging there all of their victims should be laughing in their faces!

I'm racist waaaah waaah waah
I'm racist waaaah waaah waah

EDROSO!!!!  You reality-denying failure!!!!   I predict that you will be violently attacked by your precious negroes within one month.  Watch your back for negroes, bitch!


@my_issues  Your user name seems to be very true to form! It is obvious to see your issues by your comment! One that stands out most is your inability to see the truth! Probably due to your reverence to your god(obamao)! We can see the truth,regardless of all of the communist liberal lies that try to distort the reality of what is actually happening in America! Actually the black race is negligible,not a real significant threat as they can and will be controlled! The problem that we are seeing as a greater threat comes from the self loathing,guilt ridden treasonous to their race,the white communist liberal! Those that turn their back on the white race that made America the greatest economically successful nation in the world! s.africa a nation that was taken over through lies and misrepresentations of the race that made that nation self sustaining is now operating on bailouts and charity,completely unable to continue what the white race established! So do some research before spewing what the unfounded lies are always touting,it's getting old! 

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