Rabid Skunk Captured in Westchester; Coyotes Roam New Jersey

Good news for the denizens of that Westchester hamlet known as Pleasantville, for now they can unlock their doors and windows again, and breathe easy, or easier, given that they live in a place called Pleasantville (we've been there! It's pleasant!). A rabid skunk that had been meandering about looking "disoriented and unhealthy" was captured in Rockefeller State Park. Those who may have been in contact with it -- you'd know it by the staggering and frothing at the mouth -- have been urged to seek treatment. Meanwhile, coyotes are roaming the streets of New Jersey suburbs, particularly in Hackensack and Maywood, boldly, right out in plain sight. Jersey residents have been told to turn the sprinklers on as "it'll chase them away--or hit them with the hose." Here in the five boroughs, be on the lookout for staggering, roaming, and frothing. Hey, it happens. [NBC NY/Gothamist]

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