Rupert Murdoch Hires PR Help, Gives Interview to Own Paper; FBI Investigating Phone Hacking

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Rupert Murdoch finally gave an interview about the ongoing investigation into the News Corporation phone hacking scandal in the U.K. today, but he did so on safe terrain: his own. He told the Wall Street Journal, which he bought in 2007, that News Corp. has handled the disclosures of unethical reporting and subsequent cover-up "extremely well in every way possible," and has made just "minor mistakes." Murdoch, 80, said the bad press is "just getting annoyed. I'll get over it. I'm tired." He also praised his son James, head of News International, for having "acted as fast as he could, the moment he could." The Nixon-esque quotes, dripping with delusion and denial, in his publication come on the same day Murdoch brought on public relations help from Edelman to help weather the crisis, as the FBI investigates whether or not victims of 9/11 were also victims of phone hacking by News Corp. minions.

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