Ruth Sheldon, Town Clerk, Will Also Resign Instead of Performing Gay Marriages

As we countdown excitedly to same-sex marriages in New York State, a small number of detractors are protesting by quitting their jobs. Following the lead of Barker town clerk Laura Fotusky, who last week resigned so as not to have to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, citing "the law of God in the Bible," Granby town clerk Ruth Sheldon, who'd been in office for nearly 16 years, is resigning based on her "religious convictions." She wrote in her resignation letter that "New York State passed the same sex marriage law, a law which violates my conscience and my faith" and "It is clear that I must stand for what I believe." She'll leave her job on July 23 with, as she puts it, "deep sadness." It is with deep sadness that we look upon her decision to feel that way. More bluntly, Governor Andrew Cuomo said, "When you enforce the laws of the State, you don't get to pick and choose the laws...If you can't enforce the law then you shouldn't be in that position." Well said. [CNYCentral]

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Thanks Ruth, for using the exact same excuse that all those southern Clerks used to deny my White mother and Black father their marriage license back in 1959.


Perfect answer Gov. Cuomo


Thank you, Ruth, for getting lost.  You should move to Mississippi or some other bible thumping dump full of ignorant turds like yourself where you can worship all you want, and stand around the caldron and stir, stir, stir...

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