This Is How People Who Plan Transit Systems See the NYC Subway

According to PTV America, a company that consults in transportation solutions, this is what it looks like when passengers leave a New York subway train. It is both altogether too clean and orderly, and also strangely captivating. We can't wait for a look inside the subway train -- spaghetti fights, guys licking their shoes, ladies washing, and all. Anyway, there's purpose to this simulation, which illustrates that slow-moving, badly dressed passengers and densely populated platforms (not to mention people who don't pre-walk properly) -- a/k/a "pedestrian behaviors" -- fuck with the train schedule. As do naked white guys uttering racist rants. Now we know! (Stand clear of the platform edge, simul-person!)

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I thought this was a point of view type thing at first and was shocked when the dude ran out onto the other track!

David HM Spector
David HM Spector

Is the 72nd & B'way stop really a good model for the whole system tho'...? :)(Its probably supposed to be a generic stop, but it sure looks like 72nd St..)

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