Minxy Morris, the Tiniest, Saddest Pony, Needs Money for an Operation

Today the Daily Mail has a story that will tug the heartstrings, should you have a heart, and/or strings. It is the tale of a rare miniature pony born prematurely with twisted legs, whose owner needs money to pay for his surgery. This Falabella pony, named Minxy, is best friends with a dog, and may be the smallest male pony in the world. World, please help the pony! Says his owner, Joanne Morris, who has launched an appeal to raise £6,000 to save Minxy, "He is such a strong willed little fella -- we want to give him the chance of a normal life." Whether you give money or not, this is the saddest, most adorable tiny pony we have ever seen. Also, he has a Facebook page. One really must, nowadays. [Daily Mail]

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