There Is a Steampunk, Submarine-Inspired Apartment for Sale in Chelsea

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Richard Caplan for Core
We love real estate. Especially WTF/How Is This Even Possible? real estate, like New York City apartments with indoor pools and swings and slides that one can use to travel from room to room. And apartments inspired by submarines! Such an apartment is currently for sale for $1.75 million. Its broker, Parul Brahmbhatt of Core, describes it as having "a Jules Verne meets Tim Burton sensibility." The apartment was created by screenwriter Jeremy Noritz out of a two-bedroom, two-bath co-op in Chelsea. While maybe you wouldn't, or maybe you would, want to live there, it is one of the most interesting pieces of real estate we have seen in New York City. For instance, there is what seems to be a mushroom stool in the shower. It also has mini-planes, antique pipes, stainless steel appliances, installations that look like gears and cogs, and a huge technicolored zeppelin across 32 feet of ceiling. In a word, trippy. But also, kinda awesome.

Arguably as interesting as the apartment: The New York Post reports that Brahmbhatt has sort of an unusual target market for this apartment, that being the market of "steam punks" -- a/k/a/, "retro-futurists inspired by author William Gibson, who imagined a world run by 19th century computers." Or, maybe, people who simply like the steampunk aesthetic, and have money to spend on kooky/unique real estate.

She told us that after seeing the place, she thought, "This is meticulously done, and it is so creative -- whether it's my taste or not. I said I would go home and research it. I started by looking up stuff about Jules Verne, and I stumbled onto steampunk." (For the record, the owner is not into steampunk himself, but has a fascination with blimps and planes, and is hoping he finds someone who appreciates the aesthetic he has painstakingly captured in his place.)

Richard Caplan for Core
Brahmbhatt already has three showings lined up, with interest from others. Is this the craziest apartment she's ever worked to sell in New York City? "It's not my typical listing -- I don't think I've ever had anything so unusual," she said. "This definitely takes the cake."

Do steam punks eat cake? Maybe just crumpets.

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chelsea, ik heb nooit gehoord van de naam van deze plek, maar ik hou van dit onroerend goed, als je echt wilt koop deze dan moet je ook een update van de huurprijs van deze woning ...

villa buger

Dee Snyder
Dee Snyder

God, can't a single NYPost reporter do an ounce of research? Gibson is cyberpunk. Cyberpunk and steampunk have really no relation except for the suffix. USELESS.


@Dee Snyder , Ever read the Difference Engine?

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