Rich People Still Doing Pretty Okay

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Bucky Turco over at Animal NY has today posted one of those giant ATM receipts ($329,174.91) that generally cause us to say, Who the hell keeps that much money in a checking account? Except right now, with markets down -- the Dow more than 600 points; S&P and Nasdaq down more than 6 percent -- and much of the world freaking out, we're wondering if maybe this Southampton Chase banker knows something we don't. Let's all remember, it's time IN the market, folks. (Here are five stocks that went up today, via @pkafka.) Also, clearly this Southampton Chase banker knows something we don't -- including the abbreviation for Southampton on a bank receipt. Cat video? [via Animal NY]

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VJ Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli

As the saying goes the Rich get Richer and then they receive a call from "king" Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Schumer to join him for a meal and please bring your checkbook.

Before there was the "Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ MachiavelliThe Legislative Budget is Too Damn High

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