Gmail's New Sign-In Page is Radical, Shocking and Revolutionary

Keen eyes will notice a link on the bottom of Gmail's welcome page, a link that opens a new world that will change your old one forever. It simply reads, "Coming soon: A new sign-in page!" If you elect to click "Preview It," you will essentially take the red pill and leave your old, ignorant body behind. After the jump, pictures of the old sign-in page compared to the new one. Use caution: Your precious worldview is in danger.

Gmail's old, tired sign-in page:


Behold! This is the new, improved Gmail welcome page. The future is now, the future is Gmail!:


Gasp at the grey band up top. Marvel at the plain-text Gmail logo. Fear the "Latest news from Gmail" coming below a faint line.

Pour yourself a stiff drink and think about what this means. If you can't comprehend Gmail's new sign-in page after downing a Scotch, have no worries; they have included a 7-step question and answer guide to help you. Some choice inquiries about this existential dilemma include, "How can I tell if I'm on the actual Google sign-in page?" and, "I don't see any difference. Where can I get the new sign-in page?"

The new sign-in page will soon be the standard as Google forces us to come to grips with the 21st century.

Try and keep up.


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