Mike Bloomberg Says 'Stay Indoors' Sunday; Mandatory Evacuation Issued for Zone A in New York City

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In a press conference happening now, Mike Bloomberg is addressing the city regarding Hurricane Irene. He says it's basically coming right for us -- great -- and "you have to start your preparations to leave right now." Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for all of Zone A (check your zone here) and also Zone B in the Rockaways. This, which impacts some quarter of a million people, is the first mandatory evacuation in New York City history. Also notable: the MTA, as reported, will begin to shut down at noon tomorrow. Since it takes hours to restart the system after a shutdown, "there will likely be no mass transit until midday Monday."

Bloomberg says the strongest winds will start early evening tomorrow, and the projection is that Irene will reach New York as a Category 1 hurricane. Best case scenario, expect "very high winds, a lot of rain, and very high tides," he says. There's a forecast of 8 to 12 inches of rain.

Bridges may be closed. The city is also implementing a zone fare plan similar to the one used in the 2005 transit strike for all taxis, to start at 9 p.m. tomorrow.

There will be additional staff on hand in the NYC gov offices to deal with 311 calls and requests for information.

"Stay indoors," says Bloomberg. "It's fun being out, but this is dangerous." Also, stay in on Sunday: It's a "good time to stay in and sleep late."

As for questions of looting, Bloomberg says "I think you can expect people to behave." There will also be plenty of cops on the streets.

Rikers Island will not be evacuated.

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Annette Schiffmann
Annette Schiffmann

Take Action for Rikers' Island Prisoners! Demand the City Create an Emergency Evacuation PlanMayor Bloomberg has announced that in the event of a hurricane, that he will not evacuate prisoners at Rikers' Island, claiming instead to have a "contingency plan" in place. The experience of prisoners in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina shows that city authorities will abandon the basic rights of prisoners in the face of disaster. We can't let Bloomberg get away with this! (1.) Demand the city create an emergency evacuation plan by 5pm today to evacuate prisoners at Rikers Island in the event that other areas in Zone B or C around Rikers Island are evacuated.Call NYC Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs at (212) 788-2485lgibbs@cityhall.nyc.govTwitter: @NYCMayorsOffice (2.) Call on NY1 to investigate the status of the "contingency plan" for Rikers Island prisoners:http://www.ny1.com/content/con... Tel.: 212-691-6397(3.) Submit evacuation plan demand to city's website: -Go to http://nycsevereweather.crowdm... --this is a website set up by the city for people to submit weather-related service problems. Locate Rikers Island on the map and drag the red marker there.-Copy and paste this text (or write your own!):Title: Evacuation plan neededThe city has no evacuation plan for Rikers Island, despite its low elevation and its nearly 13,000 prisoners. Please do not let these individuals, or the ones at the nearby floating Vernon C. Bain Correction Center, suffer. (4.) Please repost:http://solitarywatch.com/2011/...

Bill Dilworth
Bill Dilworth

The lack of any plan to evacuate inmates at Rikers - ever - is outrageous. Why is it being ignored by the press?


WTF nothing better happen to the inmates at Rikers.


Rikers Island will not be evacuated is because the city Don't care for its Inmates Look what was in the paper A few days Back saying Rikers Island was serving Inmates Rotten Beef What that go to say? May God Help them if this turn out to something Far worst then expected For its a Island Way Under Sea Level.

Andres From Brooklyn NY

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