Olek Yarn-Bombs Wall Street: 'Don't Steal From the Public'

Prolific New York City crocheter Olek has again hit Wall Street (remember the bull she covered in yarn last year), this time making a statement on a shopping cart:

via @djbenharvey

Keep your eyes peeled for other such statements (and get in touch with what you see!). She tells us, mysteriously, "A little surprise for u! Is waiting... and there is more of them here and there. You know what they say...Keep asking and you will get it. It is not a crocheted VV stand [which we had requested] but.... still something."

[JDoll / @thisjendoll]

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The Companies can raise or lower their Stock prices at will...don't hate me for saying this but the stockbrokers are just as victimized as the rest of us

Cat Weaver
Cat Weaver

A bit flat-footed: as most political art is... but a very fine sentiment all the same.

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