Here's What Steve Buscemi Would Look Like With Michele Bachmann Eyes

Much has been made of the recent Newsweek cover featuring Michele Bachmann. Some consider it sexist; others have seen it simply as another opportunity to mock the Minnesota representative (see: every commenter on here, basically). We noticed today that our friends at BuzzFeed had created a follow-up to the Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes site by doing a list of Hot Chicks With Michele Bacheyes, and we wondered: What if we combined the two? What if we put Michele Bachmann's eyes on Steve Buscemi's face? So we did. And then we put Steve Buscemi's eyes on Michele Bachmann's face. MONDAYS! Photos after the jump.

You will never be able to fall asleep again.

We wonder if this will take off as a meme. Probably not?

There you have it, internet. Now, let's see if this causes the whole web to collapse in on itself.

Special thanks to weekend editor @NickGreene for this horrible, horrible idea, and to Dennis Rakauckas and @mylestanzer for making it come alive.

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