1 in 15 New York Couples Who Get Marriage Licenses Don't Go Through With It

The New York Post has some new numbers on the state of marriage in the city, revealing that approximately one couple out of every 15 will apply for a marriage license, pay the $35 fee, and then not ever go through with getting married (or take a very long time to do it). 32,794 couples applied for licenses in the first half of 2011, and 2,132 didn't end up getting wed. This is notable because, as City Clerk Michael McSweeney said, "Normally, if you go as far as getting a marriage license, you actually get married."

Given that it takes New Yorkers, in general, longer to get to the altar than the nationwide average -- we're usually in our 30s rather than our 20s when we make that decision -- maybe it's no surprise that we'd continue in our procrastinating habits and also maintain the option of changing our minds once there. Or, perhaps, be fraught with cold feet at the idea of sharing our tiny apartments (and, possibly, our socks) with someone for the long haul.

Nups become nopes [NYP]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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