At Least 48 People Were Shot Over the Weekend in New York City

This weekend marked a disturbing surge in gun violence, in which at least 48 people were shot in the city. Most recently, last night, two cops were wounded in a gunfight in Crown Heights, and three people were killed -- one of them a 56-year-old woman named Denise Gay, who was hit in the head by a stray bullet while sitting on a nearby stoop with her adult daughter.

Also killed was Eusi Johnson, 29, who was shot by Leroy Webster, 32, a man Police Commissioner Ray Kelly described as having an extensive criminal history, including criminal possession of a firearm and assault and drug charges. Webster and Johnson reportedly had a fistfight that turned to gunfire at about 9 p.m. last night. Webster fired some 50 or 60 shots, according to witnesses, and was eventually mortally wounded by cops, two of whom he hit and wounded in the shootout. The officers were in stable condition as of last night.

An 18-year-old man, Tyrief Gary, was also killed over the weekend, at a cookout in East Flatbush; three others were wounded. And during the West Indian Day Parade yesterday at least four people were shot, and one man stabbed. According to the Wall Street Journal, at least 10 were dead and more than 50 people had been injured since Friday morning. The Daily News runs down a list of the various shootings over the weekend.

Mayor Bloomberg blamed the increased violence on illegal guns and said federal action is needed "to take basic steps that would save lives."

"It was a bad weekend, no question about that," Mr. Bloomberg said. "And the bottom line is we've just got to redouble the efforts."

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i live in sydney australia.. far far away.. i was involved with gangs that were considered hard but by american comparison were soft.. to us a common fist fight in the 80's was hardcore.. carrying a knife as i did.. but only ever pulled out once during a dust up in kings cross was stuff of legend.. as for guns.. unless you were involved in major crime it just didnt happen.. nobody had a gun.. that was in the 80's.. australia had lots of jobs and i thankfully got an education and a good job in banking and years later owned my own company.. then in the past 10 years i revisted the old crowd.. by now jobs had dried up. our extreme right winged- simular to american style govenrment with its anti black and ethnic minority policies and harsh penalties started to reap havoc.. not only did i learn that many of my old associates now carried guns but the good old fair fist fight of old had been replaced by head stompings and serious violence.. australia now had ot introduce "coward punch" laws because every month someone would be king hit and killed .. now we have monthly carjacking and for a time wekkly shootings and drive bys.. and the job situation and ethnic impeachment is getting worse by the week here.. so is the crime.. thankfully in australia we have very strict gun laws.. so you cant just walk into a shop buy guns and amo and arm up.. it is extremely hard so it is only highly organised groups who have guns but they're out there.. and if australia had gun ownership rights i can assure you by now with our weak job outlook that there would be shootings to rival americas situation.. thankfully we have gun control laws.. thankfully.. but having said that i can assure everyone that there is a very strong correlation between ethnic disparity especially with jobs and general community support.. and in australia the poorest communities is where the most crime and criminals come from and occurs.. to argue against this is absolute foolishness.. in australia now we have the highest costs of living on eath rising homelessnes rents that are becoming completely unaffordable.. and yet we have certain groups- same as in america- who are becoming richer by the day.. meanwhile our indigenous black population can barely feed itself.. thankfully aboriginals are such wonderful people.. they havnt broken out into extreme crime even though they face high imprisonment rates and deaths in custody but it is a powder keg ready to explode on any given day.. and it has a direct relationship with poverty.. it cannot be denied.. ive lived it ive seen in the small relative microcosm that is sydney australia.. it is no different to the megotopia that are american cities.. same cause same effect same result.. you cant blame violence on violence itself.. you blame governments failure to fairly distribute wealth to create jobs and neglect particular minority groups like blacks.. america is an at advanced state of extreme decay where gangs now openly run wild and human life holds less and less value .. the solution in america needs to be extreme as gangs now treat violence as a means to an end .. in an every more difficult and sometimes hopeless life.. for example detroit.. i've done my homework.. detroit has been left destroyed since katrina .. where is america the richest country on earth for those people ? it left them abandoned ot fend alone and gangs and violence is the outcome.. i can only pray that in australia that our government wakes up to itself and its prejudices otherwise we are going ot wind up somewhere towards what america is experiencing.. more crime more violence and less concern for the sanctity of human life. god bless




Bloomberg expects everything from the Federal government. Stop screwing around with Federal aid, and let it stop going to the banks and start creating a jobs program


Ya there would not be so much Violence if people could pay thier bill and put food on the table..

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