On 9/11, Rightbloggers Denounce America's Mortal Enemies: Democrats and Paul Krugman

When Andrew Sullivan, formerly a gung-ho warblogger, expressed doubts about America's military response to 9/11 in a Newsweek article, Ron Radosh of Pajamas Media grumbled, "there is no attempt at balance, no essay from someone like Paul Wolfowitz, or Dick Cheney himself, or anyone in the Bush administration." Gosh, who wouldn't want to read that?

When columnist E.J. Dionne wrote a "Time to Leave 9/11 Behind" column ("The last decade was a detour that left our nation weaker, more divided and less certain of itself"), the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto called him "E.J. 'Baghdad Bob' Dionne." Taranto said Dionne "has his own ideological reasons for promoting complacency about the threat of Islamist terrorism" -- namely, in Dionne's own words, a desire that America focus instead on "a vibrant, innovative and sensibly regulated economy, on levelheaded fiscal policies, on the ability of our citizens to find useful work, on the justice of our social arrangements."

In case you didn't get that these are bad things, Taranto added, "That is, on an ever-expanding welfare and regulatory state, paid for by high taxes... and scrimping on defense. To justify the latter, it is necessary to minimize the threat." We must admit, after years of reading in books like "1984" about leaders pumping up war hysteria to justify austerity on the home front, the idea of tyrants minimizing war threats in order to squander taxpayer money on poor people is a real change of pace.

The face of the enemy. Never forget.
But rightbloggers really went berserk when Paul Krugman ran a short post at the New York Times castigating "fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush," and lamenting that "the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons." As this was not of the approved variety of 9/11 post -- that is, it wasn't about the menace of Muslims or Democrats -- rightblogger response was fierce.

"If This is the Real Conscience of a Liberal, Liberals Are Disgusting," said Erick Erickson of RedState. "Despicable Krugman... despicable little grunt," foamed The Right Scoop. (Unlike Krugman, "We WILL allow comments to this post," said TRS, "although admittedly I will have no patience with truthers and little patience for those who want to defend Krugman and sully the name of our heroes and those who stepped in to protect us because of 9/11." Note it well, truthers and disbelievers in Prisoner 84888-054!)

"Vile liberal spew about how evil America has become... slimy, gutless assbiscuit," counterpointed The Jawa Report. "Leftist Scumbag... What an asshole," reasoned Weasel Zippers. "Craven, Cowardly Krugman Disgusts," demurred the PJ Tatler. "Paul Krugman Hijacks 9/11," posited The GW Patriot ("Krugman says that the atrocity has been 'hijacked,'" added GWP. "...He's right. And he need only look in the mirror to see the man to blame." High-fives at GWP's debate club!)

Fans of heavier analysis may prefer Conservative Refocus News' "Point By Point Rebuttal to Paul Krugman's Poisonous Liberalism On 9/11: The Years Of Shame." "We do find it poignant," said CRN, "that Krugman would seek to cast the blame on the 'horrible hero's' of 9/11, being those whose first thought was to both protect and defend. This, no doubt, would include the many firefighters, policemen and first responders who also lost their lives. Krugman pretty much denigrates the memory of each and every one of these brave and heroic men and women."

And there's your rightblogger 9/11 takeaway: If you don't love Bernie and Rudy and W, and don't think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a good idea, then you hate the firemen and cops who died on September 11. Rightbloggers have indeed heeded the popular 9/11 message, "Never Forget," but what they've never forgotten are the talking points they were using years ago about fifth columnists, "democracy whiskey sexy," being either with them or with the terrorists, etc. And no wonder they remember that stuff so well -- 9/11 was their greatest moment, the last time they could feel confident that everyone who mattered agreed with them. And God, wouldn't they like it back again.

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