Aaron Rodgers on Mark Sanchez's GQ Spread: 'That's Terrible.'

"Broadway Mark"
Lost in all the fuss over Mark Sanchez's photo spread in the September GQ is that it was a charity gig for Tuesday's Children, which benefits children of people who died on 9/11 and in other global terrorist attacks.

You'd expect that his QB counterpart Aaron Rodgers, who does a great deal of charity work himself, might have cut some slack, but no dice.

Sanchez thinks that Rodgers is "... obviously, making a joke out of it, and that's fine, giving me a good ribbing like the guys on our team." But Rodgers doesn't sound as if he's joking. The Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl MVP QB went after the Jets' passer in an interview with ESPN Milwaukee: "I mean. Look at this here. That's embarrassing. Page 94 of the GQ thing here. That's terrible." Judge for yourself.

Is it too "California" for Aaron? In Green Bay they wear more than that when they take a shower.

"I like my anonymity," he told ESPN radio. "I like my privacy. I like being able to be the quarterback during the week and in the offseason be able to do what I want to do and not be in the public eye."

Except, apparently, for doing national radio shows and creating controversy where none existed.

Wonder what Aaron might have said if he had seen this ad by another rock star Jets QB forty years ago?

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Fuck the guy who wrote this article.  It's completely unfair to Aaron Rodgers to judge his character so quickly based off of something that should never have been taken so seriously in the first place. To then follow THAT up with posting a typical media-style article on the internet for everyone to see that may cause lesser-minded folks to believe that he is actually like that...pathetic.

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