Barack Obama Advertising in the...New York Post?

We knew that Barack Obama believes in hope and considers himself an endless optimist.

We have watched him try again and again (and again and again) to reach across the aisle in an effort to win over Republican support. Even when he gets nothing in return, he keeps on trying.

But is he so over the top optimistic that he's actually advertising in the New York Post?



Here's a banner ad we came across on the Post website yesterday afternoon.

Back in 2008, there were days when you couldn't avoid an Obama for America ad on many a news website. There was that night when OFA bought out a half hour on just about every network, and the time when Obama set up his own satellite channel.

But we never recall him advertising in the Post before.

What's going on here? Is he still that emphatic a believer in hope that he thinks he can woo over an Andrea Peyser fan?



Full of hubris?

Or, just trying to fuel conspiracy theories that he's trying to keep Rupert Murdoch afloat in a tough economy? | @steven_thrasher

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Learned Helplessness, maybe. Why he'd advertise in the Klu Klux Post is beyond me. One more reason I'm not voting for him again.


I post supportive remarks for Obama in the NY Post reader comments section all the time. I get a surprising number of "Likes" from other readers. Just goes to prove the NYPost is a guilty pleasure for folks of all political persuasions....even though its a paper that nobody will cop to reading.

New York Post
New York Post

That's true. We have all types of people on our site, even Steven. 

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