Fashion Week: Backstage Beauty (and Blue Lips!) at Richard Chai

Donna Kim
Blue raspberry Blow-Pops provide a similar effect
Blue lips and orange lids worked cohesively and brilliantly at Richard Chai's Spring Fashion Show on the first morning of Fashion Week, but I would definitely say this isn't a look I'd try for the everyday beauty routine.

Backstage in the Theater, there were models running around, going from station to station to get perfectly primped for the presentation. I noticed supermodel Liu Wen with vibrant colored eyelids and had to get makeup artist, Emi Kaneko, to explain the look. "It's Harajuku meets Venice Beach, like a Japanese surfer girl."

Kaneko applied vibrant orange pigment from MAC Cosmetics on her model to her top eyelids, and after each model was done with makeup, they headed over to Jonathan Young for a final touch-up.

"We used Dr. Jart + BB cream before and after each look," explained Young. "Richard Chai is a fan of the line, and he wanted the look to be dewy, glowy, and fresh. This product neutralizes imperfections and after the makeup is applied, I dab some around the neck because of the SPF 45 sunscreen."

I'm already a fan of the BB cream's multi-uses.


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I think this guy Jonathan Young (the makeup artist) is the same guy I read about in a short story posted as a Missed Connections CL listing. The Borough Of Lost Boys dot com guy wrote a piece about him called "The Crystal Death." Jonathan's apparently a crystal meth addict who got the writer hooked on the stuff. If the story is fact based the dude's a scum bag who practically ruined another guy's life.

Beauty Products
Beauty Products

Blue lips gives a different look. Blue and orange colored lips really works in fashion shows.

Space Thought
Space Thought

Jonathan Young's take on the makeup gives this look some props- otherwise...I want the cream too now!

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