'I Love Mike Bloomberg' Is the New Get Out of Jury Duty Free Card

The New York Post reports that three potential jurors were relieved of their jury duty when they told a judge that they loved Mayor Bloomberg (or, that they knew him too well to be fair in the upcoming trial of his former political consultant, John Haggerty, who stands accused of stealing $1.1 million in campaign contributions). One middle-aged Upper East Side woman apparently announced "I'm mad about Bloomberg!" and "I couldn't be fair. I'd assume that if he was a victim, he was a victim."

Two others were excused after they told the judge they'd volunteered for and golfed on the same course as the mayor. Such ties are deep.

Caution: This will likely only work in trials that the mayor is actually involved in. In the case of Haggerty, Bloomberg is expected to testify as a victim of the theft:

Prosecutors allege that he sold the mayor on a bogus Election Day "ballot security" budget -- complete with line items for multiple cars and hotel rooms, 1,300 workers and an office in Albany -- then secretly pocketed the cash.

While prosecutors contend Haggerty acted alone in the scheme, the defense may argue that Haggerty thought he had the mayor's permission to keep the money as "payment" for volunteer work for the mayor.

Other jurors presumably were released for strongly disliking or even despising the mayor, but the ones who said they loved him are more amusing.

Jurors: We like Mike [NYP]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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Suzannah B. Troy
Suzannah B. Troy

http://youtu.be/ywF593Ql4tY My video responses gets in to how the DA and the US Attorney have failed the People of New York plus how Mike Bloomberg and the DA have never asked for a full forensic audit of Mike’ campaign expenditures and for the previous campaign since The NY Observer piece by Aram Roston, Inside the Secret Campaign of Mayor Mike Roston points out Mike funneled money to Mike Bloomberg via the Republican party.  No newspaper picked up on David Seifman’s Email Malestrom which the NY Post never published in the hard cover asking for Mike to turn over email to Haggerty Post foiled.  Mike said to the NYPost sorry folks but no.  You would think Haggerty or the DA would be serving Mike Bloomberg and gang with subpoenas for those emails......I have a list of names that I would expect them to want to read to delve in to how Mike spent money, charity money and back room deals but shhhhh -- the DA tried to prevent Haggerty from defending himself.  Justice is blind deaf and dumb in New York.

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