Rightbloggers Defend Rich Bastards from Obama's Tax Plan

tomt200.jpgIf rightbloggers believe in anything, it's that taxes are bad -- especially if they're on people making over a million dollars.

When it was revealed that President Obama would propose a tax on millionaires, the brethren loyally manned the barricades to defend America's rich -- e.g., Donald Trump, Kate Gosselin, Mitt Romney, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Charlie Sheen -- against peons like you.

Before we go further, we will remind our readers that once upon a time -- after the Second World War --the top marginal tax rate in America was 91 percent. Let us repeat: 91 percent. And back then the nation was doing great -- cheap gas, widespread home-ownership, and so on.

But since then tax rates have plummeted steeply, especially for rich people; and with the Bush tax cuts, rich-people taxes are down to donations-appreciated, basically.

Nonetheless rightbloggers, who either have no sense of history or hope their readers don't, acted like the proposed raise on rich folks' taxes is unprecedented, grossly unfair, and even an act of violence.

Some sources like Business Insider cleverly just announced that Obama was raising taxes ("Obama Proposes $600 Billion In Tax Hikes"), and left readers to imagine that they were the ones getting dunned. But those who engaged the issue fiercely opposed any increased taxation of millionaires.

Adding imagined insult to perceived injury, it was said that Obama's plan would contain something called a "Buffett Rule," named after billionaire financier Warren Buffett, who has long maintained that America's rich are undertaxed.

"Never mind that [Buffett]'s free to pay all the taxes he wants," cried The Lonely Conservative. Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds proposed an attack on Buffett: "I invite any tax experts out there to propose specific changes -- besides the obvious, an excise tax on fractional jet businesses -- that would hit Warren Buffett personally." Angry White Dude co-snarled: "I say tax that sumbitch Warren Buffett into welfare!"

That'll change his mind! Buffett probably never imagined such a tax would apply to him. (Doug Powers at the Michelle Malkin website also seemed to think Buffett had missed this possibility: "At least the 'Patriotic Millionaires' might be about to get what they asked for, so there's that little bit of economic schadenfreude." Imagine how different things would be if billionaires had tax accountants!)

I say, poors -- Obama wishes to raise my taxes! In consequence I may be forced to fire my caddy. Now oppose this for me, will you, chop chop? There's a good fellow.
"And, you wonder why they're called tax and spend liberals?" roared Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft. Later, Hoft learned that some people had gathered in protest at Wall Street, and blamed that on Obama's yet-to-be-announced plan: "Radical Leftists and Marxists Answer Obama's Call For Class War - Converge on Wall Street." Hoft showed pictures from the demo he'd found at Flickr; one such pic featured a flyer with a picture of Che Guevara, which Hoft captioned, "The leftists adore Marxist Che Guevara and hate capitalism." Another showed a sign that said "Tax the Wealthy!" and this, Hoft said, proved that the protesters "like [Obama's] 'tax the rich' plan." (Actual lefties, it has been shown, would actually prefer something more radical.)

Don Surber shifted attention from the tax plan to the Solyndra investigation, whereby a green energy company head who donated to Democrats is suspected of profiting from a government deal -- something that will strike anyone who has been following politics since, oh, the 16th Century as unremarkable. But Surber thought it "puts the robbing of the rich in proper perspective." What that perspective might be, in this case, Surber didn't clearly state -- though his claim that the Obama Administration is "pure as sewer sludge" and engaged in "crony capitalism" suggests that Surber thinks only the pure at heart may raise taxes on millionaires, in which case we must wait for Rick Perry to pull the sword out of the stone and do it.

"One thing we can be absolutely sure of: Obama's tax increases will not target the plutocrats like Warren [Buffett]," claimed Lew Rockwell, "but new and rising entrepreneurs and the self-employed, whom they both hate." Apparently Rockwell had seen details of the plan to which the rest of us are not privy, but he regrettably failed to share them with his readers.

Rockwell did call the proposed increase "oligarchical." An oligarchy is a government by a few, especially by a small faction of persons or families, but Rockwell didn't think this applied so much to ginormously wealthy corporations as to unnamed "rich bureaucrats" who will in some unspecified way not only evade the tax, but benefit from "rips-off of the productive," and who along with their "rich friends" will "get even richer through the gun."

Rhymes With Right also feared Obama's planned gun violence against millionaires, and seemed to think the New York Times had conspired to cover it up with its headline, "Obama Tax Plan Would Ask More of Millionaires." "The Obama plan, if adopted, will not 'ask' anything of millionaires," countered RWR. "It will instead DEMAND more of folks, AT THE POINT OF A GUN under threat of arrest and imprisonment. Remember, it isn't a request if failure to comply will result in criminal charges and jack-booted thugs seizing your assets."

"'Ask'? Can they really refuse?" said Tom Maguire of Just One Minute. "But no; the text indicates that the same coercive approach we have seen for decades will be employed." It's the usual IRS reign of terror -- but worse this time, because now it's against our precious millionaires! Citizens, gather your armies -- the guy in the mansion on the hill needs you!

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