This Wooden Construction Barrier Was Left On the Street For Two Days After Erica Abbott's Death [Photo]

erica abbott site .jpg

The above photo was sent to us by a tipster who took the picture at Powers Street and Bushwick Avenue shortly after the August 30th bike accident that killed 29-year-old dancer Erica Abbott. The tipster says, "I took this photo to show the wooden barrier that caused Erica to swerve into traffic."

Abbott was cycling along Bushwick Avenue (which doesn't have bike lanes) when she fell off her bike and was hit by a Mercedes. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

According to our tipster, "two neighbors and myself had to move that barrier out of the road two days after the her [sic] accident."

The contractor in charge of the construction at that site, YBG Construction, didn't return calls for comment.

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She was run down by a motor vehicle following at close range, who allegedly honked the horn at the cyclist.This young woman was trying to dodge some debris in the roadway that was not cleaned up from the storm. The construction company that failed to clean up the area now has blood on their hands, as their negligence directly contributed to the loss of a life. The driver, who was not charged (I do not know why), also has to live with the mistake that was made in aggressively driving in a residential area causing the cyclist to loose control of her bike. Rest in piece dear angel, as this was a very tragic but preventable accident.

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