Matt Drudge, David Axelrod, and Tina Brown All Still Use AOL Email Addresses

​You know who still uses an antique AOL email account, apart from your mom? A lot of really famous and important people. Politico's Ben Smith argues today that the outdated email service has actually gone from uncool and dated all the way back around to being a "status symbol," a concept familiar to derivative fashion designers and mustachioed trust-fund hipsters. Whether or not that's really true, we got a kick out of the list of people Smith says are still

POLITICS: David Axelrod, Jim Messina, John Weaver, Joe Trippi, Mandy Grunwald, Dick Morris (a recent defector to gmail), Frank Luntz, Ed Rollins, Guy Cecil, Tad Devine, Al Franken, Aaron Schock

MEDIA: Matt Drudge, Arianna Huffington (who was holding onto an AOL account long before AOL bought her company), David Brooks, David Corn, Robert Draper, Rick Perlstein, Ann Coulter, Tina Brown, Lawrence O'Donnell

David Axelrod! Matt Drudge! Of course David Brooks still uses AOL. Ann Coulter, haha. And apparently a lot of them have "quirky handles."

As Smith points out, these people mostly all have other more modern email addresses too, but still hold on to their AOL ones. Because it's a "status symbol" to have an annoying old email address, plebes, and don't you forget it.

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Amy Alkon
Amy Alkon

Also, I've had my AOL address since the early 90s. Most of the people who make fun of me for having it have had to change theirs five times. 

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