'Barely Feral' Is a Porn Site for Cats

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There are two things in this wide world that are without a doubt, indisputable to anyone who has a even a portion of a brain, Internet gold. Those things are cats and porn. Why not combine them? That is exactly what Anne-Taylor Adams, the brain behind Barely Feral, a site that seeks to answer the question: "What if there was a porn site designed by cats for cats?" was thinking. What if! We got in touch with Adams, a former New Yorker who's hoping to move back, to find out more. ("Spoiler: I'm not actually a cat," she informed us, before we spoke.)

How did this...happen?
I started the Tumblr last week, but it's a long-running joke. My husband and have taken in rescue animals. We have two cats now, one of whom, Carlene, is the editorial "face" of Barely Feral (that's her in the image at the top right of Barely Feral). I don't know if you've had cats, but they're kind of notorious for stopping and grooming right in the middle of whatever you're doing. We were joking about how cats do that and it's showing off A LOT of business. If a person did that while you were sitting at lunch, that would be pornographic.

So we said that if cats were to create a porn magazine for cats, it would those types of photos -- spread-out, grooming -- and we thought Barely Feral would be a hilarious name. I mean, cats on the Internet, it's like chocolate and peanut butter. So we made it a Tumblr.

And it started getting some attention this week...
I guess it was yesterday. I don't know Choire Sicha, but I follow him on Twitter, and you'll see in his Twitter feed that he talks about helping out feral cats...I posted something and I just cc'ed him. He retweeted it, and over the course of the night we went from 6 followers to almost 400.

You're asking for cat-porn submissions, right?
Yes. There's a mountain of submissions now that I'm actually grateful for, because it means we don't have to look for photos. The submitted images will start populating the site tomorrow.

Why cat porn?
Not everybody's day at work is sunshine and rainbows. I love having moments where it's like, that's silly, something to take you out of whatever nonsense you're having to deal with. I do feel like some people get the site more than others...this is not bestiality! This is just funny. The whole idea of a cat editing a magazine or a website, I just think that's funny.

Do your cats like the site?
The other cat's name is Maybelle and she's a little skittish, but Carlene reacts to it. If my hands are touching the keyboard the cat wants to be on the keyboard, so her interest is really proportional to how many times I update it throughout the day.

Do you have any big plans for Barely Feral?
Somebody was like, "You should do a book treatment! If Stuff White People Like can get a book deal, surely this could." But, really, it hasn't even occurred to me.

Barely Feral is also on Twitter. Adams asks anyone who wants to submit to include your name and sourcing information, so she can give you proper credit.

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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