Nike Finally Releases Marty McFly's Back To The Future II Sneakers

Those were (will be) the days
Tonight's Fashion's Night Out, which means more extravagantly stupid shit than usual is going on in our City! There's Pauly D and Miss Piggy and Nicki Minaj, and oh just read these damn lists for yourself, will you. Not one to be outdone, Nike today unveiled the Holy Grail of cinematic sneakers: the Nike Air Mag--Marty McFly's moonboot Nikes from Back to the Future II.

Collectors have been clamoring for these gray hightops for at least a decade. There were industry rumors that the kicks monolith would wait until 2015, the year Back to the Future II was set, to release them. But then in 2005, one questionably mysterious "sneaker activist" even created an online petition, bearing the e-signatures DJ AM and Lupe Fiasco, demanding that Nike turn the props into a reality sooner. ("I don't work for Nike," the dude who called himself Al Cabino swore. "I just love their shoes.") Still took nearly six years for Nike to start dropping very unmistakably big hints, like releasing a video of Marty McFly's closet and distributing an eyeshield.

Today, Nike announced 1500 pairs be auctioned off on eBay, the proceeds will go to Michael J. Fox's Foundation for Parkinson's Research, and Fox himself is going to be on Letterman tonight. High Snobiety has detail shots from the launch. The sneakers don't self-lace like their fictional counterparts, but the rechargeable shoes do light up.

Oh Fashion Week, somehow you still manage impress even the most jaded assholes.

Jeff Cavalho/High Snobiety

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Internet Tards
Internet Tards

The only reason they were cool was because they auto laced, otherwise they are ugly as shit.

Trademark Litigation
Trademark Litigation

 Nike did in fact reveal the Air Mag tonight, but it's a lot less cooler than you think. The contoured grey shoe is a replica of the prop used in the movie, complete with light-up Nike branding, but the laces do not power tight, despite an international patent filed in April 2009 for such a device. No, Nike said that they will be auctioning off only 1500 of these sneakers on Ebay to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation's work on findign a cure for Parkinson's Disease. Of course, Fox played the role of Marty McFly in Back to the Future and now suffers from the malady that his Foundation is fighting. Nike will donate $50 million plus all of the proceeds from the auctions - which will actually be doubled from matching donations.

Internet neighborhood watch
Internet neighborhood watch

"Patent Attorney" is a spambot that copied the content of its comment from elsewhere. DEATH TO SPAMBOTS!!!

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