NYPD Officer of NYPD Officer: 'He Just Fucking Maced Us'

From Animal NY comes this video of Saturday's pepper-spraying of Occupy Wall Street protesters by a uniformed NYPD officer (who may have been identified by Anonymous). This clip shows the pandemonium from a slightly different angle. The cop who sprayed the protesters, as Elliott indicated to us on Sunday, seems to have maced at least one of his own force as well. Fast-forward to 1:30.

AndroidArm, who posted the video on YouTube, goes on to thank the medic who "flushed my eyes with what I guess what liquid antacid and water, and wiped my eyes with the bandana around his wrist saying, 'This was my grandfather's bandana, he got through Korea with this, and that means you're going to get through this.' And it helped immensely. Thank you. I'm glad we take care of each other."

The poster goes on to express support for the police force in general, but says "This was wrong and it didn't make anyone safer."

Probably the cop who got hit in the eyes would agree.

The NYPD Also Pepper Sprayed The NYPD [Animal NY[

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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