Occupy Wall Street Responds to Release of Pepper-Spraying Cop's Information

NYPD outside occupy wall st.jpg
Rosie Gray
NYPD congregated across the street from Zuccotti Park yesterday afternoon.
Anonymous has leaked the personal information of the cop who, according to photographs and video, is thought to be responsible for pepper-spraying young women during the Occupy Wall Street protest on Saturday. It is one Anthony Bologna, a Deputy Inspector for Patrol Borough Manhattan South. Bologna's badge was photographed on this blog and Anonymous has created a Pastebin document containing Bologna's possible phone numbers plus the names of his family members and possible addresses. The Anonymous release reads:

As we watched your officers kettle innocent women, we observed you barberically pepper spray wildly into the group of kettled women. We were shocked and disgusted by your behavior. You know who the innocent women were, now they will have the chance to know who you are. Before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice. WE ARE WATCHING!!! Expect Us!

The NYPD hasn't responded to our request for comment.

We just spoke with Patrick Bruner of Occupy Wall Street, who said that "I'm upset the information was released the way that it was. We've had the information since last night and chose not to release it this way. We're not a fan of vigilante stuff."

Chelsea Elliott, who had been pepper-sprayed by Bologna, said that the release of his personal information was "disgusting" and that "I don't want him to be hurt or his children."

We wondered whether Occupy Wall Street felt the original message of the protest was getting diluted by anger at the NYPD, as Kat Stoeffel suggested today at the Observer. Bruner said "This is something we're worried about."

"But I don't think that's the case," he continued. "What this shows more is that the system isn't interested in protecting us anymore, it's interested in protecting itself."

Occupy Wall Street will be releasing three new videos of the pepper-spray incident soon, we've learned.

Previously: Chelsea Elliott, Occupy Wall Street Protester Sprayed by Cop, Tells Us What Happened

Occupy Wall Street Tweets Reports of Tear Gas, Arrests [UPDATED]

Fourth Day of Occupy Wall Street Brings Arrests, Accusations of Excessive NYPD Force

[rgray@villagevoice.com] [@_rosiegray]

Go to Runnin' Scared for more Voice news coverage.

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Occupy needs to request an investigation of this guy by Bloomberg and the NYPD. The other cops couldn't believe what they saw. Rogue cop? Whatever, don't let him or the city get away with this.

Anthony J Bambari
Anthony J Bambari

Anthony V. Bolonga is a good man. Those rich, annoying girls were asking for it. If they were black and not from Sarah Lawrence no one would care.


Glad this fascist piece of scum Anthony Bologna (how appropriate) hiding behind a uniform has been outed.

Doves Peace
Doves Peace

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sorry... we are not needed any more,china offers its availability for less.wish it were different but did WE compose this or did the  corporate and governmental cooperation with a fascist controlled populace create this??


You know what, we have been nonviolent and tolerant with the cops who are protecting the upper-class. As a participant of "occupy wall street," I am glad the information was released. I'm getting really tired of playing nice with these cops, and one of the reasons I am active in the protest IS to oppose the police-state. Sometimes you have to fight dirty and hit below the waist. This is my opinion. The police, as long as they are in uniform, are NO FRIENDS OF MINE.

Mary  Dearing
Mary Dearing

What I don't understand is, instead of vigilantee type actions against the officer himself, why doesn't everyone clog Bloomberg's email system with emails demanding that he take control of his police force.  He's got the power to do it.  He's the person ultimately responsible.  And his contact info is on the NYC website

Mary  Dearing
Mary Dearing

I can see posting the officer's information, he's a public servant and his behavior in an official capacity is open to public scrutiny.  Posting informaion on his family members..   not appropriate.  They committed no action and are not public servants.


dear guest, posting a phone number and Anthony Bologna's criminal record isn't illegal. it's all public record.


Ok this is about the fourth time I have posted this-can you please check this?

The id of Anthony Bologna as the 'sprayer" is based up the blog that you quote.  The blogger does not actually post any pics showing that Bologna is in fact the person doing the spraying. Indeed, the blogger identifies the sprayer as the "supervisor who was laughing and texting" after the event(but interestingly does not post the pic of him supposedly laughing). But the VV posted the pic and clearly that is not the man, as he has long sleeves and different insignia on his hat and chest.  The sprayer had short sleeves.  So people are relying upon the say so of someone who has no pics of the actual event, and has already misidentified someone else. And no evidence that either is Bologna. 

Further, if you see pics of Bologna that the blogger posts you can see Bologna always with a folder in his hands.  According to another video posted by the VV on another article.The same man(Bologna ?)  is on the scene to the right of the spraying with the folder in his hands, checking the arrest of the man on the ground.  The sprayer has no folder in his hands and approaches from the left. He walks away, again no folder in his hands.  If it is him, did the folder magically disappear within seconds? The timing of the movements indicates to me that it wasn't Bologna.  It doesn't seem to match the facts and clearly the pics posted by the blogger do not show it, let alone prove it.  

I think that people are just id'ing Bologna because he had similar glasses.  But many cops wear those kinds of glasses.   

Further, the VV videos show a woman(in the group of women) pushing and punching out at an officer, and that resulting in a scrum involving the officer, the women and other people, and a surging at the nets.  It shows three women(including Chelsea) trying to be compliant, but the other woman inciting and trying to start something.  It is wrong to state it was a peaceful situation that the officer just walked up on.  Hardly.  Although I think reaction should have been limited to the people causing the trouble, I can understand, having seen the videos, there was a reaction.

So to target him and his family for a situation the facts of which are still unfolding is unfair, perhaps as unfair as indiscriminately spraying pepper spray.  Plus which it is just illegal.

Thank you Chelsea for being a voice of reason on the subject.


wow you're an idiot


Brilliant - "Those girls were asking for it."  Is it really all about money, and not racism or sexism?  Maybe they changed sides in the class war.


Because not everyone is interested in bolstering the political structure and hierarchy by depending on public officials to solve problems. I'm here to fight the system, not cooperate with it. I think we need o turn up the heat.


The Times Web site now has an article that reports that an unnamed NYPD source confirmed that it was indeed Bologna who did the spraying.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

I know a thing or two about the appropriate and legal use of pepper spray by law enforcement because I carried pepper spray as a LEO for several years.

The simple fact is this: the video clearly shows an NYPD officer in a white shirt violate city, state and federal rules regarding the use of pepper spray and other "non-lethal" force. That is unambiguous and not subject to informed dispute. There is a universally accepted Use of Force Continuum, and it was savagely disregarded. If I had done that, I would expect to be suspended and face prosecution at the _request_ of my employer.

Whether NYPD's Internal Affairs or NY's DA have the stomach to prosecute a rogue officer is yet to be seen, but in the absence of justice you should expect vigilantism.


"Guest" seems to be perhaps NYPD's PR person. Why else would they be justifying such a despicable act? If it had been their daughter, sister, mother, niece, aunt who was pepper sprayed, would they be spouting such idiocy? Pepper spaying defenseless girls in this fashion is torture and the officer, whoever he is, is a sadist. Yes, Chelsea may have been the voice of reason with regards to overreaction but "guest" is the voice of NYPD cover-up. Let's just sweep it under the rug and cover it up like they do in North Korea.

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