Fighter Jets Escort Flight From LAX to JFK; Passengers and Plane Safe [UPDATE]


News of a scare on American Airlines Flight 34 from Los Angeles to New York prompted fighter jets to scramble and escort the plane, but the threat appears to be unfounded. The panic began after reports that three passengers had locked themselves in the plane's bathroom. ABC News' Jake Beckman tweeted, "According to police, passengers on AA34 did not appear to be terrorists, just individuals who kept going to the bathroom."

The above tweet sent out by the NY Scanner feed appears to be the first report of fighter jets being sent to meet the flight.


Jake Beckman also tweeted that NORAD had confirmed the presence of the two jets:


We will update further when more information becomes available.

UPDATE: According to the AP, air marshals were onboard the flight and "were able to resolve the incident." The passengers in question are being held by FBI authorities and Port Authority Police, who met the flight after it landed.


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Joe Green
Joe Green

The most devastating attack on America took place on September 11, 2001 as Islamic radicals launched 3 different attacks on our nation. One on the Twin Towers in New York City, one on the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and one other that failed but ended when brave Americans sacrificed their lives to bring down their commercial airliner before it could do any more destruction on an unknown site. The response to those attacks was the pronounced war on terror across the world. Over this last 10 years, that war has been partially successful with the assassination of the leader of the 9-11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden. However, the war is far from over. The radical Islamists, driven by their religion and a desire to set up a caliphate, a worldwide dominion with the implementation of Sharia Law, the law of the Koran in this world, is evidence that another 9-11 could and will take place in the future.The ancient Jewish prophets foretold of a time in history as in the case in our world today. Daniel 11, Ezekiel 38, and Psalm 83 all reveal the alignment of nations that want to annihilate Israel but first they must take out America. Joel 2 tells of the world's largest militia that will be formed to accomplish the end time goal of radical Islam that worldwide kingdom, a caliphate. The 10th anniversary of 9-11 is indeed a stark reminder that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.


The noise coming from the F-16's over the Rockaway peninsula was heart stopping. We pray there is nothing much to this incident. How could anyone on a flight coming into NYC act in anyway to cause such dreadful concern to an airline, to a city, to our nation on day such as this one?

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