Somehow, Nine Corrections Officers Injured Trying to Recapture One Inmate

A curious item in the Daily News today details how nine corrections officers were hurt trying to stop the Incredible Hulk an inmate from escaping a room at Rikers Island yesterday. Nine! Daniel Sanchez, 24, who had been charged with murder in the first degree and was caught tampering yesterday with a window in his cell, managed to slip out during a fingerprinting procedure in an office around 6:30 p.m. He was apprehended, but only after three captains and six officers were injured. How did that happen?

According to NYC Department of Corrections spokeswoman Sharman Stein, the extent of the injuries aren't yet clear, though the officers were seen at the hospital. She clarified that the inmate wasn't in a jail itself when this happened, but in a free-standing trailer outside the big jails on Rikers Island; he had been re-arrested for the window tampering and was being re-booked. He managed to get outside the trailer and the officers in the vicinity responded.

Update 1:02 p.m.: Sharman Stein got back to us with the DOC's official account:

The inmate, accused murderer Daniel Sanchez, was being fingerprinted at about 6:30PM Wednesday in a DOC trailer-based office near the jail where he was housed (The George Motchan Detention Center). Sanchez was being fingerprinted because he was being re-arrested after having been found earlier Wednesday to have tampered with the window in his cell. While he was being fingerprinted, he bolted out of the door. Officers in the trailer gave chase, joined by officers from the Rikers Island Security unit, which patrols the outside of all the buildings and the perimeter of the Island. The inmate fled down an embankment near the trailer with officers immediately in pursuit. The inmate violently resisted arrest, and in the struggle under dark, wet and muddy conditions, officers were injured as they worked to control and apprehend the inmate. He was apprehended within approximately seven minutes, but officers did suffer injuries including fractured ribs (after being kicked by the inmate), a knee injury and a torn tendon in the arm. The rest of the injuries were minor.

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  Wow, I just read this closed minded account of how 9 officers got hurt apprehending an individual that attempted to go back into society. This comes from a person that knows nothing about the jail system or anything concerning dealing with inmates housed within it. When the opportunity arises that you can pursue a person that wants to escape, slides down an embankment covered with mud and rocks in an attempt to flee with that inmate violently resisting,please let the readers know how you made out.!


The correction officers that were injured deserve a little bit more respect then this writers smug remark  had to offer in her article. The writer wonders how 9 correction officers were injured by the incredible Hulk.. I would assume that these individuals made great attempts in response to a situation to prevent a dangerous individual from attempting to escape back into our society.

The first res ponders generally do get hurt when responding to situations to protect our public safety, most times in dangerous situations or conditions.   

So the incredible Hulk, inmate, is not so incredible after all. The officers that responded to protect us are incredible.They put their lives on the line every day to protect us. The incredible part of this story is the writer in the village voice!  Don't she know that the incredible Hulk does not exist! But the the men and women of  the New York City of department of correction do!

Remember members of all city services get  hurt every day responding to dangerous situations and conditions to protect the public. However it is easy to sit behind a computer and write an article and judge situations that you have no clue about,, That incredible!   


So of course, the writer's first contention was a snarky one against the officers who were hurt.

But I'm sure, if the inmate had been the one hurt, she would have been still snarky towards the officers.

When you essentially hate the cops, it's easy to have the same smug tone to all your stories.


That nigga a rat , he told on some real niggas and for his sake he lucky they got him .rat baster haha...and he a bitch I dont know how them officers got hurt cause he hella soft.

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