The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology: Readers Poll Results!

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LRH came out on top of our countdown, but did he top out our readers poll? Take a look inside!
Actually, make that the top fifty people crippling the Church of Scientology -- we received more than 3,000 individual choices by 141 voters, with more than 300 different people receiving votes.

Our own countdown finished this morning with L. Ron Hubbard on top, and David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, Tom Cruise, and the St. Petersburg Times duo of Tom Tobin and Joe Childs rounding out the top five. Our decision to put Anonymous in the #6 position was controversial. The big question in our readers poll, then, was whether Anonymous could rally to come out on top.

Did it? Well, you'll just have to click through the next screens as we reveal how our readers voted.

But first, congratulations to the five people who voted in our poll and were selected randomly to win signed copies of Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology and Hugh Urban's The Church of Scientology. Loyal Runnin' Scared readers Patricia Greenway, Robin Landseadel, Gillian Niven, Brian Robertson, and Jan Welda -- your books will soon be in the mail!

Now, on to the results...

Poll Results: 41 - 50

41. Lawrence Wright Score: 197
Lawrence appeared in our group entry about journalists, at #13

42. Ron De Wolf Score: 192
Ron appeared in our group entry about Hubbard family members, at #22

43. The Office of Special Affairs Score: 181
OSA is Scientology's intelligence and covert operations wing, and also oversees the church's public relations.

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Mark Ebner
44. Russell Miller Score: 169
Russell appeared in our group entry about journalists, at #13

45. Mark Ebner (First-place votes: 4) Score: 168
Mark appeared in our group entry about journalists, at #13

46. Graham Berry Score: 167
Graham appeared in our group entry about attorneys, at #23

47. Anderson Cooper Score: 154
The CNN journalist followed up the St. Petersburg Times series, "The Truth Rundown" with his own series on accusations of violence by Scientology leader David Miscavige.

48. Jamie De Wolf Score: 150
Jamie appeared in our countdown at #22

49. Stephen Kent Score: 148
Professor Kent appeared in our group entry about academics, at #24

50. Nancy Many Score: 140
Nancy appeared in our group entry about "noisy ex-Scientologists," at #14

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