Video of the Crown Heights Gun Battle Between Cops and Leroy Webster

This surveillance video was taken from the scene of a homicide at 637 Park Place in Crown Heights that happened on Monday. In the video, you can see Eusi Johnson, the 29-year-old victim, running out of the building after being shot in the neck. He's followed by the suspect, Leroy Webster, 32, who can be seen firing another round in his direction.

Webster then goes back to the front of the building, turns, and shoots at NYPD officers who had responded to the incident. He falls, to the ground, shoots again, and is struck by police fire.

Webster was arrested and charged with murder in the second degree and attempted murder. Johnson died of his neck wound, and two cops sustained non-life threatening wounds.

What isn't shown in this video is what happened right after. Denise Gay, 56, a retired home health aide and mother, was sitting on her stoop nearby while all this went down. She was shot during the gun battle between Leroy Webster and the responding cops. It's still a mystery as to who shot Gay, but police have ruled out Webster -- leaving open the possibility that Gay was killed by a cop's bullet. It's unclear whether or not Johnson, who died, had a gun. If he did, he could have also been the one who shot Gay, but if his gun exists, it hasn't been found. The eight cops involved shot 73 rounds in total, wounding Webster just twice.

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Franken Harpo
Franken Harpo

Police were firing at him...they took 73 shots at him.

Also, look at the trail of blood from the guy shot in the jugular as he runs out just before the gunman and before he falls from loss of blood up the block and dies...

Great action video...real life!

Who needs reality shows...we have surveillance videos!


I'm against all types of violence but at 6 seconds into this video - who is shooting (at least 2 shots) at Mr Webster while his back is turned as he is running to head into the building? The other men ran in the other direction.

You can see dust particles as Mr Webster reaches the door (trying to get in) before he actually turns around and fires at whoever is shooting.

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