Was Bloomberg's Case of White Mayor's Burden the Straw That Broke Ray Kelly's Back?

As we learned yesterday from the excellent reporting of WNYC's Ailsa Chang, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has ordered that cops stop arresting people for marijuana (or "marihuana," as the NYPD spells it) if the pot was never in public view.

The timing of this announcement is curious. Ever since Bloomberg announced his Young Men's Initiative last month, he's been getting pummeled for having the worst case of white man's burden since Rudyard Kipling. On Tuesday, we took him to task in this week's Voice feature "White Mayor's Burden" for trying to "help" young men of color after a decade of tossing them in jail at rates far outpacing Rudy Giuliani. Also this week, Queens College sociologist Harry Levine (the Nate Silver of marijuana statistics) launched marijuana-arrests.com, which points out in blistering detail how young men of color have been arrested for low-level pot possession by a gross disparity under Bloomberg.

And by Friday, it came out that the NYPD was being asked to actually follow the law which decriminalized low level pot possession back in 1977.

Was this timing mere coincidence? Or was it that the Mayor was feeling the heat after the Voice, WNYC's Chang, Levine, Michael Powell and other activists and journalists kept repeatedly pointing out the glaring, embarrasing omission of examining the problems of young men of color without dealing with stop-and-frisk? Was Bloomberg (who admitted having smoked weed himself) feeling humiliated after committing $127 million dollars (including $30 from his own pocket) to this initiative, only to have it laughed off for its failure to deal with his own aggressive, racist record of marijuana arrests?

We're going to circle back to some of our interview subjects from "White Mayor's Burden" and will share their thoughts here at Runnin' Scared through out the coming days.

We're also going to take a hard look at the language of Kelly's memo, which very cleverly is addressed to "uniformed members" of the NYPD. Does he intend for it to apply to plainclothes cops as well, or will narcotics squads be exempt?

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ray kelly and his pillow parthner mr bloomberg nor anyone else who support these racist acts wont understand whats going on until is their own kids and families getting harrassed by cops kelly forgot he was given a chance in life after being adopted or the he forget? but keeps running a dept thats falling apart clear racism day after day by diff officers diff boros. and bloomberg who cant even fight for minorities to become firefighters think once again that by giving himself a tax write off he can make believe he cares about man of color. quotas are prolably a good thing if reasonable but quotas directed at whom?, is the problem, then they become a tool for enforcing racism. by the way after watching that kid get punch BY a white shirt nypd officer can someone find the definition of assault and send it to the DA OFFFICE


Steven : Officially, the employees of the NYPD are classified as either Uniformed Members of the Service (UMOS) or Civilian Members of the Service (CMOS). Although i understand your suspicions, Kelly is most likely using coptalk (he's been a cop his whole adult life. Up through the ranks and all that) and uniformed would mean anyone with the power of arrest. Even plainclothes and narcs have official uniforms and must wear them at all formal functions. - Full disclosure - I'm a retired CMOS and I've known and worked with Kelly and respect him as a person.

Steven W. Thrasher
Steven W. Thrasher

Thank you for this insight. I contacted the NYPD directly and they confirmed what you knew (http://blogs.villagevoice.com/.... However, I thought that it was important to get them to clarify this, as the memo aroused a lot of suspicion from sources familiar with NYPD PR language. 


All Police Commissioners are the Mayor's meat puppets. It's part of the job description. Ben Ward? Bill Bratton? Howard Safir? Bernie Kerik? C'mon, say something that's not obvious to all.

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