Rat Bites Woman as She Waits for J Train

Brace yourself, fellow commuters, as this is horrible news. Now, to add to our various rational or irrational New York City fears, we have the fear of wearing open-toed shoes while sitting on a bench on a subway platform, because a rat might be hiding underneath it and notice us there and pop out and bite us on the foot. Seriously.

This happened to an unidentified twentysomething woman who was presumably minding her own business, waiting for the J train at Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station on Monday morning. AM New York reports that "the rodent peeked out from underneath and bit her right foot, which was unprotected by her open-toed shoes."

This was, understandably, upsetting, and the woman became "quite hysterical."

According to a subway employee, "She did not have had a cut ... you could see the fresh blood." UGH. This was the first time he had heard of a rat-attack on a commuter.

The woman was taken to the hospital. We've asked the MTA for further comment and are awaiting their response. FYI, there are about 200 rodent bites reported per year in the city.

So, what is our lesson, here? We're pretty sure it's threefold. Don't sit on subway benches, don't wear open-toed shoes when taking the subway, and don't attempt to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner while reading this story. Talking about it at brunch, however, is perfectly fine.

Rat bites woman in subway station as she waits for the train [AMNY]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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i dont know why they put that cute little mouse in the picture! New York rats dont look like that! They look more like Splinter from the Ninja Turtles!

James Cagney
James Cagney

"She did not have a cut ... you could see the fresh blood."

The actual quote from the article is “She had a cut … you could see the fresh blood...”

(If you're going to correct this in the post, you should change identified to unidentified as well.)

Another thing: Why is this post tagged Ugly Animals in Rightful Danger when nothing seems to have befallen the rat that bit her? It almost implies that the woman who was bitten is the ugly animal who was in rightful danger.


thanks, corrected -- the cut quote was that way in the original and has since been fixed. As for the tag, it's one of our tags, and you can read it as you like.

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