Worst Criminal Ever Leaves $667,000 Worth Of Cocaine In Full View Of Cops

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The spin on this story at Hero Cop-loid the Daily News is all about the "quick-witted" and "eagle-eyed" rookie cops involved in this weekend's surprise bust of 29 kilos of cocaine on a street corner in Inwood. Kudos to them; that's a huge coup for 4 p.m. on an otherwise-uneventful Saturday patrol. But how eagle-eyed and quick-witted do you even have to be to notice that something is up when a guy is walking down the street with two duffle bags, spots you, grows visibly nervous, drops the bags on the street and books it? Which is what happened, by the way.

Jose Milan, 29, of the Bronx, was arrested and charged with drug possession after the cops thought, "There must be drugs in those duffel bags," opened them (guess what -- drugs!) and gave chase, quickly capturing Milan. Milan is thought to have been apprehended while performing courier duties. Whatever he was doing, he was doing it badly. We've never been involved in a massive drug deal but we'd guess that this is not how it's supposed to go.

The Daily News noted that police are still trying to figure out where the coke originated.

In other cocaine news, New Yorkers aren't doing it that much anymore. The Post reports that blow-related emergency room admissions, O.D.'s and requests for rehab have gone down since 2008, because of -- you guessed it -- the economy. However, big coke deals like the one José Milan ruined continue apace.

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Ah, that paranoia will get you - not all the time though - if cops weren't rookies, probably would have made it - also city on "high alert" for terrorist attack - dropping bags not a good idea.


Lol someones going to be really pissed off at this guy.



The picture of the bear is rock fucking solid!

I love it.


"We've never been involved in a massive drug deal but we'd guess that this is not how it's supposed to go."There is a chance that you're right about that.

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