You Can Now Buy a 9/11 Memorial Flag to Help You Remember 9/11

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Guess what? You can now buy an "official 9/11 Memorial Flag," which will surely satisfy you in the case that you were looking for exactly such a flag to buy. Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the existence of the flag, which will be flown at the State Capitol and at the entrance of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center site. (In a further branding effort, we're not supposed to call it ground zero anymore, says Mayor Bloomberg. Noted.)

Thus, as we're calling it the Bloomberg-approved "World Trade Center and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum," we can be reminded not to forget about what happened there with our handy flags. And, if you're particularly forgetful, or just particularly enamored of the official 9/11 Memorial Flag, you can buy a replica flag for yourself.

As Cuomo said:

"Written on the flag are the words 'We Remember' -- we remember the faces, the stories, and the heroes of that day and this flag reminds us to always pass on those memories to future generations."

We're all for honoring victims and first responders, as well as not forgetting what happened on 9/11, but did we need a $24.95 flag to do that?

Yes, because buying things makes Americans feel better! How about some 9/11 Memorial wine while we're at it? Or perhaps the "officially licensed FDNY baseball cap, available co-branded with the 9/11 Memorial logo on the side"?

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Martin & Anita
Martin & Anita

 Well here's something that is free (a 9/11 poem, please share it with those that lost a loved one)

10 years Have Passed

10 years have passed, since 9/11, 10 years they've rested, up in heaven, 10 years of pain, with sorrow we've cried, 10 years ago, countless loved ones have died.

read the rest of the poem at:


It looks like the old 11-Alive TV logo.


Who funded this abomination, the Steinbrenners?


I have been saying since day one that this too will become another marketing & branding opportunity for anyone low enough to want to make a dollar off of such a tragedy.  Sure enough not more then a few months later, vendors are lining the streets near the sight & tourists are taking goddamn pictures like its f*cking seaworld....the whole thing is dispicable & reaks of greed.....memorabilia?  Anyone who was there that day need not a flag, a coin or a baseball cap to remember what happened!  The vultures will never stop circling the carcass of the dead!

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