Adorable Bed Bug Hotels Show New Yorkers Where There Are Bed Bugs

This summer was supposed to be the Summer of the Bed Bug (before it became the summer of the rat, and the summer of the hurricane, and the summer we worked a lot). But, thank goodness, the great bed-bug-ification of New York City never truly came to fruition in June, July, and August, and, to tell the truth, we haven't been thinking too terribly much about bed bugs since last year around this time, when we were a bed bug for Halloween. But today we learn that Hunter Fine, an artist and the guy who behind those "hipster traps" baited with PBR and American Spirit -- has been creating adorable little bed bug hotels and putting them next to buildings that actually do have bed bugs, or at least, have been reported as having bed bugs on the Bed Bug Registry. Isn't that super cute?

Fine told Gothamist he started building the hotels after a friend ended up with bed bugs. He's put up 10 (all of which seem to be in the East Village) and has more at the ready.

We predict that someday soon we'll all be looking down at the entryways of whatever establishment we're heading into before we actually step inside, or flee in horror. But with bed bug hotels looking so cozy and well-appointed, why would a bed bug ever need to go into a human haunt?


Oh, yeah, because they live on our blood. Adorable.

Mini Bed Bug Hotels Popping Up Outside Buildings With Bed Bugs [Gothamist]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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Jon Zhao
Jon Zhao

I think it would be naive of us to think that most hotels don't have or never dealt with bed bugs.  With the amount of people traveling these days, its inevitable.  What separates the good hotels and the bad ones is how the management handles it.  Early detection is key. 

hotel deals
hotel deals

Sounds like someone has a bit of free time on their hands. But it's an interesting way of signaling which hotels were reported to have a bed bug problem.


The horror, the horror.

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