Bicyclist Hit By Truck and Killed in East Williamsburg

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According to police, a 30-year-old man was struck and killed by a truck on Meserole Street and Morgan Avenue last night around midnight. Cops have determined that the man was biking alongside a flatbed truck that made a right turn; as the truck turned, it hit the biker. His identity hasn't been revealed yet, pending family notification.

Police canvassed the area and found the truck parked on Scholes between Morgan and Bogart. They say the investigation is ongoing.

The accident comes on the heels of another fatal bike crash in that area back in August, when a professional dancer named Erica Abbott fell off her bike and was hit by a car on Powers Street and Bushwick Avenue.

Businesses in the immediate area didn't know anything about the accident when we called, and cops wouldn't release us the victim's name, but we'll update when more information comes through.

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Of course the cyclist was hit and killed. When you have an irresponsible mayor encouraging the public to reduce our carbon footprint by challenging cars and trucks with's gonna get messy. Cycling should be discouraged, not because a lot of cyclists or drivers are assholes, but because it is stupid to trust the skills or temperament of all those people driving death machines, with your life.


Sad.  Anyone that cycles in NYC is risking their life.  The average driver, cyclist, and pedestrian are all extremely self centered here.  However, the cyclist seem to be in the most danger since they share the road unprotected.


I agree Thomas, it's irresponsible to "trust the skills or temperament of all those people driving death machines with your life." We should just let the death machines just rule the roads, others be damned!

Or we could make sure that people use turning signals, don't speed, yield to pedestrians and cyclists, and provide bike lanes and sidewalks so people are safe getting around the city. But that would make too much sense and take actual work; better to just give it up to the death machines instead.


Well Machinist, there are bike lanes and sidewalks for people to get around the city safely but there are always going to be death machines, this is guaranteed. No matter how many bike lanes are added or laws passed, you will always have ego and incompetence driving some of those vehicles. I'm sure the family of this young man would rather have him here, than some absolutely nonexistent reduction in the carbon footprint. Machines are machines and flesh is flesh. If I'm wrong, I'd rather err on the side that keeps people alive and or not maimed.

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