British Royals Usher In Bold New Era: Women Rule!

The British monarchy has finally changed an antiquated set of rules that everyone had forgotten about. Up until now, the rules for British royal succession were that sons trumped daughters no matter what, even if the daughters were older. There also was, until today, a rule barring would-be monarchs from marrying Roman Catholics. Now the entire Commonwealth of 16 nations who still, in 2011, consider Queen Elizabeth their sovereign, have agreed to changing the rules at Prime Minister David Cameron's behest.

The rules date back to the late 1600s, when Catholics were seen as a threat to the British state. Apparently that's no longer the case! Another weird thing about that rule was that Catholics were the only verboten religious group. You could even marry an atheist.

As for the male precedence issue, we were surprised that one's still in effect. Reuters notes that this was all stirred up by the recent marriage of Kate Middleton to Prince Wills, and that it wouldn't go over well, PR-wise, if the old rules were still in place for their children. Though that's assuming that the British monarchy will still exist by then!

Is it time for the royal wedding again?

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Don Hunter
Don Hunter

There is an even bolder new era, as show in my most recent novel, "Cooper and The Queen."Here's a taste:Don Hunter’s political thriller, Cooperand The Queen (Mirador; Amazon as e-book and paperback) opens with reports that the Queen is toabdicate, that the throne will go to her grandson William and his bride KateMiddleton, and that the Queen then will spend much of her future in herfavourite Commonwealth country—Canada. The narrative then turns back to eventsof 1983, during the North American royal tour, scheduled to end in Vancouverwhere the Queen would announce plans for the Expo 86 World Fair.

A rogue Irish Republican Army assassinSean Dooley plans to assassinate the Queen on the final day of the royal tour(a tour that Don Hunter covered as a reporter with The Province newspaper.). CoincidentallySgt. Matt Cooper of the Vancouver Police Department is removed from hisposition as head of the Emergency Response Team and appointed bodyguard to awoman who does theatre impersonations of HRH. The story moves from VancouverIsland to Ottawa, the Caribbean, Ulster, California, Galiano Island, andVancouver, to its dramatic climax at the Hotel Vancouver - and its provocativeand controversial resolution.


What's unclear what happens if the Roman Catholic spouse gets the British monarch to convert. Is that monarch still the head of the Church of England, even though s/he's Roman Catholic? I guess it does open up the rolls to the aristocracy and commoner pools from across the rest of Europe and the world, though.


Women can now attain expensive uselessness on equal footing with men.  Great progress.  If they had done away with the nonsense that would have been a victory.

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