Cooper Union Re-Considering Lowering Rent for St. Mark's Bookshop

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St. Mark's Bookshop vs. Cooper Union: the saga continues. A few days ago we reported that Cooper Union, St. Mark's Bookshop's landlord, had refused to lower the store's rent from $20,000 to $15,000 a month.

Today it turns out there's still hope! Owner Bob Contant told the Local EV that "They said the decision is under reconsideration."

Apparently Cooper Union never firmly decided that they weren't going to lower the store's rent, according to CU reps that the Local talked to. Hooray!

That said, the final decision will come by the end of the month i.e. in the next few days. Fingers crossed. Go buy some books.

[] [@_rosiegray]

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Good they're reconsidering, rather than aligning themselves with the general greedhead consciousness of New York's 1%ers. Still, $15,000/month is an insane level of rent. New York and the country are slumping through a DEPRESSION. Are the people at Cooper Union that out of touch they don't realize this? Or do they just not care and envision yet another sickening chain outlet filling this space? What business are they in again? The educational and intellectual one, or the bloodsucking one?

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