Scientologist Grant Cardone to Occupy Wall Street: Get Off Your Asses!

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We just can't seem to get enough of Grant Cardone, the wealthy Scientologist who starred in his own National Geographic Channel reality show, donated millions of dollars to Scientology's war chest, and did Scientology's dirty work to slime fellow church member Milton Katselas, a well known Hollywood acting coach.

Now, he has timely advice for all you crusties hanging around down at Wall Street: quit yer bitchin' and stop hassling the 1 percent!

As Cardone points out in another inspirational video, he's got no time for sitting around complaining about the economy. Why, just this past two weeks he's been hobnobbing with 1 percenters in Toronto, Halifax, Cleveland, Orlando, Chicago, and Dallas!

All of that travel apparently left Cardone feeling lyrical. At his website he posted this...well, what should we call it? Blank verse? Corporate couplets? A cry for help?



Occupy the same marketplace you are protesting
I am busy admiring, and caressing

The 1% you blame and claim you hate
Inspire me to produce, create, to never compete but to dominate.

Blaming Wall Street- Corporations and "the 1%"
Won't Improve your conditions or make you solvent

America and Americans

Knock off the blame, finger pointing and the talk of conspiracy.
Get back to what our ancestors taught us about, responsibility.

Protesting might bring awareness,
but it won't do anything to improve your effectiveness.

Go into the marketplace, help us all create a new economy
Approach success as your obligation and even your Duty.

Hear that, you whiners? Why don't you take Grant's advice. get off your butts, and go produce, produce, produce! You should be caressing those one percenters, not complaining about them.

On the other hand, Scientology tells us that we're all just going to drop these meat bodies as we reincarnate our way through the next few billion years, and our thetans (our souls, as it were) are going to experience countless boom and bust cycles as we clear the planet and the rest of the galaxy, making the cosmos safe for L. Ron Hubbard. This recession and its discontents are but a blink of an eye in the glorious onslaught of Scientology. So really, I'm not sure what the hell Cardone is going on about. Isn't there some poor schlub stuck on the Bridge that he can harass?

Check back at 12:30pm today for our regular weekly feature, "Thursday 2pm Stats!"

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Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he's been writing about Scientology at several publications. | @VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega

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What a sick, selfish creep this guy is.  The 1%er earth destroyer team is going down baby.  Beware of O-Town, we are relentless.  We march in peace.  You crush us, we pop right back up.   


"Isn't there some poor schlub stuck on the Bridge that he can harass?"

Priceless! Thank you, Tony! LAWL!

The last time I heard a grown man use the term "schlub" was Lenny Bruce, may he Rest In Peace.


One of the worst aspects of Scientology is, it instills in its followers a sense of adequacy where prose and poetry are concerned. Cuz yanno, Ron was a crappy writer so they feel it necessary to emulate him.

The Vogons better watch out, their position as the Worst Poets in the Universe is being challenged!


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Peter Söderqvist
Peter Söderqvist

Soderqvist1: but Magic Okra what is the point to differentiate between the organization and the tech, when the tech according to Hubbard doesn’t work without the central organization? What he thinks about Independent Scientologists is exemplified when he Fair Gamed the Amprinistics!

"It must be kept in mind and brought forward emphatically that Scientology does not work in the absence of official control and, no matter who sought to use it’s principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non-scientologists and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself."- HCO PL 14 June 65 II, Politics, Freedom From

HCO Executive Letter 27 September 1965 Amprinistics “Treatment — They are each fair game, can be sued or harassed.(2) Harass these persons in any possible way. (4) Tear up any meeting held and get the names of those attendingand issue SP orders on them and you'll have lost a lot of rats.”


He's deleting any reference to scientology off of the youtube comment.  It seems he doesn't want his fans to know his "religion".


I, personally, think David Miscavige is an intensely evil man, and, for this reason if none other, have 'disconnected' from anything to do with the Church of Scientology.  That organization is a lost cause, and should be dismantled, dissolved and its assets sold.

The question about what, then, to do with Hubbard's copyrights, I leave to another day.

However, it is obvious that the people who write this drivel for the Village Voice are, themselves evil people who masquerade behind the mask of pretending to be journalists and/or protectors of truth and champions of the down trodden.  They do not demonstrate the slightest ability to make a distinction between the administration of the Corporate Church of Scientology, and the writings and lectures of Hubbard, and so, falaciously, lump together in one pot all things 'scientogical'.  This kind of treatment of the undistinguished referent to 'scientology' is tantamount to the way that Hitler treated Jews and Savonarola treated everyone who did not toe his particularly preferred mark.  Using the concatenation of symbols "scientology" without distinction to lump together the likes of that vile man David Miscavige and his minions, along with those people who have genuinely benefited from their exposure to scientology (and I make no claims to know how many that would be) and to then conclude, with equally falacious force, that there is nothing of merit in the writings and lectures of Hubbard is the grossest and most pernicious form of hate-mongering. 

If you want to be a hate-monger, align yourselves with the Village Voice.  If you want to think for yourself, read, and honestly make an attempt to understand something like Dianetics.  Or not.  Make your own judgment.  Just don't be duped by the idiocy being spewed out by the Village Voice in the name of 'journalism'.


Never under estimate the power of poor people in large numbers.


  Maybe Grant should join the Sea Org--then he would experience people not allowing him to leave and preventing him from getting enough sleep and preventing him from earning even minimum wage.  The Sea Org members are the bottom 1%.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

By the way....

In the words of  Mr. Cardone.....

"Get off your asses" ...

 and sign the Petition to have the White House investigate his own Department of Justice....


It really is about the 99% .... 

and NOT the rich and influential... 

Imagine.... if 50,000 or 500,000 signed....

That would make the news.... worldwide.


  Typical Scibot--rather than have a democracy, he wants 1% to rule the other 99%.

Tye Solaris
Tye Solaris

This guy has a creepy presence...

I would not invest in him....

I have been fortunate to have grown up with and around many families of extreme wealth... billions... most of them... my friends, I have shared Holidays, Vacations, Weddings, Birthdays, and everyday events over decades... nearly half a century... I have worked for 2 Presidents, a King, a Queen and 2 Princes.... 

I know what wealth is and is not.

I have watched with great disappointment as my boyhood friends inherited and it changed them profoundly.... they became as Gods... everything was available to them at their slightest whim or notion.... their multiple premier homes around the world are staggering .... and they change them as often as one might buy a new pair of shoes....

In the last 3 decades their  wealth and power has increased exponentially.... they have tax advantages and entre' to information that most others have "not" available to them.

I hardly know them anymore... they have become suspicious and distrustful of all people's who are not in their economic class.

No wonder, with a creepy fellow like mr. cardone.... elbowing his way thru incessant phone calls and visits to homes and offices or cornering their spouses or children.... 

He defeated his own argument...

"Each day I try to get in front as many of the 1% as I can... So I can produce, produce, produce..."  

Why are you so lazy that you cannot just create on your own???Why do you need to have other peoples money for you to provide for yourself??Why are you denigrating those with limited financial capacity and elevating those with enormous excess financial capacity??

The fact is that most great ideas or simple projects require finance at some point... 

And the 1% or actually the fraction of the 1% has most of the liquid capacity in this country.

The 99% is "Valid".... the documentation and statistics are accurate... the issue is not any one issue .... but 3 decades of erosion of ground under the 99%.... the less than 1% KNOW THIS...and the current Global Protests are making them a little uneasy... and watchful.

No. I do not believe any of my friends would invest in a "pushy, fast talker" like this fellow.


Wow, what a hard ass viewpoint!  Here is one back at him:

To Grant Cardone, a one percenter,Busy man, creative inventor,Bugged by people on the streetTheir standards certainly do not meetWhat Grant believes is how to liveGo to the marketplace, spend and giveMoney back to him so he can donateLine the pockets of Scientology ChurchPoor Grant Cardone, just his fateTo still think life is dominate,Didn’t get it, no Grade IV,**Throw the 99% out the door.*** a Scientology process that moves a person out of fixed conditions and domination. 

Anon A
Anon A

Well, at least Cordone's "poetry" isn't any worse than that of crazy old Hubbard...

"In modern times the scientists,Wag their heads disheveled.They wonder why psychiatristslead the whole world, be careful!"

- L Ron Hubbard, "The Evil Purpose", featured on "The Road to Freedom" music album, performed by Frank Stallone (!)


Dear Grant:

Scientology gives Religion a bad name.

Religion teaches us to respect life, have moral values, to love one another and to not kill.

Scientology is just a major scam: They lure people in to become members, then the steal 'money' from them and are told that there money will save the world, then they go annoy them and do other crazy stuff to force them to shell out more money, and then they leave. If others told about there secrets, then there information would be released to the public.It's one thing for religion to respect life and others, and free speech but it is another to enforce other people's belief into a cult for their own fulfilement, breaking the rules, be arrogant, attack free speech, lack of compassion, litigiousness, harassing others who criticise it, lack of concern for families, gross neglect and abuse of children and more! It destroys people!

The problem is the radical people advertising religions and forcing their views on others who don't choose to be like that, and the spinoffs of existing ones (like how the church of Scientology shows the cross, but it doesn't represent Christians)


He'd make a good Sea Org henchman for Miscavige if he weren't so greedy.


What???  No immediate copy pasta diarrhea from Mark Miglio?  I am sad.....I love his consistent consistency.  Maybe he took some Pepto this morning.

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

"You gotta commit to something before you understand it"     Is one of his most telling urgings.

I wonder why Miscavige doesn't offer Grant a job as Executive Director International, or Chairman of the Watchdog Committee.

I wonder why Miscavige hasn't at least had Grant come give his pep talks to Scientology church registrars!


Bring it on, Ding Dong!


As I mentioned to Grant on his Facebook page (and for which entheta my commenting privileges at his page have since been revoked), his position perfectly embodies the greed and selfishness inherent in Scientology. The only time Scientology isn't entirely about *you* is when it's about your skill in selling Scientology to others. So it's hardly a surprise that Cardone not only views the protesters with contempt, but shamelessly parlays the news event into a sell opportunity--not only is the naked greed that led to the world's economic collapse not a bad thing, *you too* can become part of the 1% if you just try a little harder. The #ows protesters have done an invaluable service in articulating how and why the relationship between government and corporate America is a rigged game and why it's ultimately bad for people and the country. And if it's something Grant can't stomach as a Scientologist, it's pointing out the rigging behind the game. 


Grant, don't forget what L Ron Hubbard said.

"Our enemies on this planet are less than twelve men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains, and they are, oddly enough, in all the mental health groups which have sprung up in the world. These chaps are very interesting fellows. They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds; illegitimate children; government graft; a very unsavory lot. And they apparently, sometime in the rather distant past, had determined on a course of action. Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet, they entered upon a program of bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically without their permission."  Ron's Journal 67

Have you shattered those twelve enemies yet?  Out-produced them?  Run the psychiatrists and psychologists out of business?  Frying other fish, are you?


Don't just Occupy Wall Street, Grant Cardone

Clear the planet of counter-intention.   Delete of all the suppressive persons that are the cause all enturbulation and lack of case gain etc, etc.

Confront and Shatter supression.


If there's one thing the various Wall Street bailouts have taught us is that capitalism is all about taking responsibility for yourself.


It's blind idiots like this who add strength and credibility to the movement. Thank you, Grant, for helping make it even more clear that the Occupy Wall Street movement is on target, vital and necessary for nothing less than the future of all life on earth.


Sign the US Government Petition to investigate the Church of Scientology

and it's abuses. The Government must give a response.

It’s all about a volume of voices, don’t be afraid anymore it is your right

to get answers. Independent Scientologists have signed, anyone can sign,

join those voices.

If problems registering go here 1st:

wwws dot whitehouse dot gov/user/register

+back to the Petition:

wh dot gov/4Os

If the Sign button is grey and not green simply log out and log back in.


Scientologists trying to delete things off YouTube? When will they learn.


This "idiocy" of which you speak—perhaps there are significant numbers of people who have directly experienced Scientology and realized that they were being reamed by CO$ for $. These numbers have become sufficiently high as of 2011 to have become the majority position—consensus reality, if you will. With Scientology, as with everything else, "As above, so below." The folks that get to the top of the Church of Scientology appear to be morally terrible people. Seriously, L. Ron Hubbard was probably the worst of all. People who have been fucked over by the CO$ are now speaking up, there's more of them than folks like you. As CO$ is essentially designed to take money from rubes and CO$ is so fuckin' obvious about it, the numbers bashing Scientology will only increase over time. 

There's nothing to save here, CO$ practically owns the copyright on footbullets. You are defending a cult built upon brainwashing and designed to extract the maximum possible cash from "marks." Defending an obvious scam will only make you look foolish.


MagicOkra, I dig your view.  I do not like Scientology "stew."  Church and Miscavige all in a pot, add in some tech and stir a lot.  Don't learn what parts are not so or true.  Its all lumped up in Scientology stew. You are right about Miscavige.  The Villiage Voice is actually friendly to all.  You know, newpapers, just one big troll.


Detected: Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies = Immediate forfeiture, argument lost.


While there are certainly many Scientologists who are well-intentioned people, it is quite reasonable to lump Miscavige and Hubbard together. Hubbard wrote volumes on how to run the "administration of the Corporate Church of Scientology", started the Sea Organization, the Guardian's Office and the RPF. Miscavige himself came of age in his poisonous "Commodore's Messenger's Organization". 

While, Miscavige has possibly tweaked the stick:carrot ratio, he got his sticks from Hubbard as much as he did his carrots.Incidentally, how much Hubbard do I have to read before I can criticize it?P.S. If the Village Voice is used as the basis for an attempt to murder large numbers of Scientologists you can bring up your Hitler analogy again. Until then, it is offensive and does nothing to further your argument. If you think Hitler is some amazing rhetorical trump card I suggest you Google "Godwin's Law".


L Ron Hubbard, the founder of scientology was a pernicious, malignant, and deceitful individual.   The truth of that statement refutes your entire post.  If Hitler made a few people feel good about themselves, then that doesn't mean critics of Hitler were hate mongers.  They were, in fact, correct to note the errors of his ways, and take action. 

If calling out Hubbard reflexively makes his critics "hate mongers" then that is an Orwellian construction of thought crime (which is actually Hubbardian as well).

We're allowed to think freely in this nation, although Hubbard, if he had his way, would have made free thinking illegal, just like he intentional did for his church. 

Go climb back in your hole, MagicOkra. Your gumbo stinks.

Synthia Elizabeth Fagen
Synthia Elizabeth Fagen

A little minor correction. Thanks for posting :)

"In modern times the scientists,Wag their heads disheveled.They wonder why psychiatristsleave the whole world bedeviled."

- L Ron Hubbard, "The Evil Purpose", featured on "The Road to Freedom" music album, performed by Frank Stallone (!)


I prefer Frank Zappa:

"They won't go

For no more

Great midwestern hardware store

Philosophy that turns away

From those who aren't afraid to say

What's on their minds"

Hungry Freaks, Daddy (1965)


Or, he'd make a good Sea Org henchman for Miscabbage BECAUSE he's so greedy.


The reason, I surmise, which Miscavige doesn't appoint Cordone to some 'official' post, is that, then, Cordone's actions would be the responsibility of Miscavige's organizations.


From what I read, Grant Cordone is an evil man, and should be treated as such.

Same goes for David Miscavige.

And, no decent person would 'grant them any quarter'.

Nevertheless, instead of parroting what you hear about Mr. Hubbard's writings and lectures, whether from that paragon of fine distinctions, the Village Voice, or some other equally 'unbiased' issuer of opinions, you could, if you wanted to actually have a basis for your opinion about "scientology" actually read and try to understand some of what Hubbard wrote.  You could buy from eBay a copy of "A New Slant on Life".  If you don't like it, stop reading it, put it down and never pick it up.  No salesman, or woman, will call.  No one will force anything on you.

But, agree with Hubbard or not, at least, you won't  be speaking out of abject ignorance.

There is only one problem with this course:  IF you proceed honestly, and not just with an intention to 'find something wrong with' Hubbard's writings, then you'll just have to exercise your own judgment and rely upon your own analysis and take full responsibility for your own decision.  You won't be able to "blame" scientology or others.  You'll be the one to 'blame' or 'congratulate' for whatever you decide.

Are you up to it?


Amen. Only the wealthy fear class warfare. The rest of us are used to it.

Anon A
Anon A

Ah, yes -- that does make a bit more sense, I must grudgingly admit.  I got the lyrics from the YouTube video mocking the "Road to Freedom" album, and there do seem to be a few errors in the video's lyrics.  Well, let me add on the clever chorus to that same song by Hubbard:"Oh, puzzle, puzzle!Trouble, trouble!Arcane, insaneSpirit reign!"

And of course, the classic tune warbled by old Ron himself:"Thank you for listeningI write just for youBut others hearing this may findThings they would argue."

Comedy gold!

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

In Zappa's "Billy the Mountain" from a live performance album, I don't remember which, Hubbard gets a mention.    ".....and using his L. Ron Hubbard intention......"   one of the Zappa character's moves a mountain across state, or something like that.  


I'd recommend Axioms and Logics.  It's basically the scientology bible.  "New Slant on Life" is just watered down stuff, for the unknowing public.  

Axioms is really interesting to read.  It says all sorts of wild things... and quickly demonstrates itself to be absolute hogwash, the joke of the philosophy club, utterly derisible and ridiculous.   


Thanks for taking the time to create a special account just to comment here today. I've read a ton of Hubbard over the years, and more than enough to dismiss him as a fraud. Whatever "workable technology"you've found in his drivel could've been found in any whole-cloth-created mechanism tasking one with introspective busywork, but your ability to derive actual meaning from it doesn't validate your self-hypnosis as truth except in the most postmodern sense that truth is entirely relative.

Which is what you have to rely on, isn't it?--what's true for you *can't* be invalidated from where you sit. I understand that, but by those same rules, you don't get to call me 'abjectly ignorant' for not having read the particular book you just arbitrarily named, especially as you could not have known whether I've read it (and if you do know me well enough to know whether I've read it, then what is Hiding on the Tone Scale again?). Regardless, it's more than possible and entirely valid to hold as I do without having read every sentence Hubbard wrote.

My own experience with reading Hubbard--i.e., what's true for me--led me to the inescapable conclusion that, at best, he was an intellectual charlatan who repackaged then-existing psychiatric ideas into expensive, ego-feeding processes which allowed dissatisfied people to feel good about themselves, until they were goaded into buying the next process, anyway. At worst, he was a con man, confidently making factually baseless claims to further his goals, which I admit still remain unclear to me today (but which, though interesting, are ultimately irrelevant to me). Your presuming my dishonesty in arriving at these conclusions after indeed having read much of Hubbard's work, reflects poorly on your one-day old account.


The so called "Axioms" are not axiomatic and the so called "logics" are illogical.

Norman Coordinate (ST: OS reference)


L. Ron Hubbard was really much worse than that. You simply don't run a religion that is supposed to embraceable by those of all faiths and then, about $25,000 later, tell them that Jesus is an "Implant." Hubbard didn't tell middle class, middle of the road folks that a lot of of the "Tech" comes from "My Good Friend" Aleister Crowley. That is morally reprehensible. It's one thing to say out front—"I am Lucifer, Follow me for I Know the Way" and set up shop like Anton Levay. At least he was upfront about his motives. And he also threw one hell of a party, or so I'm told.  It's another to simply say "Methodists Welcome" without informing those good people that they are about to be suckered into practices that their pastor would never approve of. LRH was the very soul of dishonesty. Anyone who isn't aware of how evil the man was simply has their blinders on.

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