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A local blog that we like, Bushwick-centered Bushwick BK, has come to an end after years on the neighborhood blogging scene. Its editor Jeremy Sapienza posted a letter explaining his decision to end the site yesterday:

Dear Neighbors:

For many reasons, it's not working out. It takes too much money and time to do this, so BushwickBK is shutting down for some period of time, and possibly forever. Turns out, sadly, we were never in the pockets of The Developers ™ or anyone else. The site and all its resources will stay up, and we will probably run occasional pieces. The Twitter feed (@bushwickbk) will probably continue to update as well.

To those who encouraged us along the way even if you disagreed with us, thank you so much.

To those who shit on us at every step no matter what we did, fuck you, cocksuckers.

Love, Jeremy

And that, friends, is how a good local blog says goodbye.

We've reached out to see what Sapienza's plans are, and will update if we hear back. Judging by the Twitter feed, it looks as though he's open to other possibilities:

bushwick BK tweet .png

Update 11:03 a.m.: Sapienza tells us "I am just sick of working for free for the benefit of ingrates." Makes sense.

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Mas Rendra86

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