Manhattan Gas Stations Are an Endangered Species

The former Lukoil on Eighth Avenue between Horatio and West 13th.
New York City gas stations are fewer and farther between than ever, according to a Crain's article that reports there are just 41 remaining in Manhattan (there were 58 two years ago). There are 835 gas stations distributed throughout the five boroughs, with Manhattan's share counting for less than 5%. What do we blame for the disappearing gas station? The recession, plus ever-increasing costs of real estate and of delivering gasoline (meaning the stations that survive are at peripheral locations, on the edges of the city as opposed to the center, in Midtown).

This is not only true in New York City:

It's a national phenomenon, according to data from National Petroleum News. More than 3,300 locations closed nationwide last year, including 300 in New York. Only Kansas, South Carolina, and Texas experienced more closings.

On the up side, the stations that have survived are able to charge more (especially in Manhattan), and are crowded, with a huge number of their customers coming during taxi changeover time.

But the dwindling nature of Manhattan gas stations makes us wonder: What would happen if they really did become extinct? Can you imagine? Cabbies would suddenly really have to go to Brooklyn.

As gas stations close, Manhattan runs on empty [Crains]

Thanks to @robertsietsema for the photo.

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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Rockrose Development
Rockrose Development

As another blogger has suggested, perhaps this is an opportunity for NYC to pioneer an electrical revolution! Imagine the entire city equipped with charging stations for your car rather than gas stations. We must admit we've often wondered how taxing it is on the drivers of the huge gasoline trucks to traverse midtown.

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