Mayor Bloomberg Refers to His and Diana Taylor's 'Pillow Talk'

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Mike Bloomberg's girlfriend Diana Taylor happens to sit on the board of directors of Brookfield Office Properties, the company that owns Zuccotti Park. This has raised some eyebrows, given Brookfield's tense relationship with the protesters occupying its property and the way the mayor and the company have gone back and forth over their eviction.

But Bloomberg says he and Taylor don't talk about Brookfield. More specifically, he told the AP that "I can tell you that pillow talk in our house is not about Occupy Wall Street or Brookfield Properties." Pillow talk! Noooo.

The pillow talk of the 70-year-old Bloomberg and his girlfriend is not something we need to know the specifics of, thank you. Though now we're curious. Clearly there's pillow talk going on over there at Bloomberg's baronial home, and the only thing we can rule out is pillow talk about Brookfield Office Properties.

Elsewhere in Things Bloomberg Said Yesterday: However doubtful it might be, he is sticking to the story that the last-minute decision not to evict the protesters was Brookfield's, not the city's.

He told the AP, "They (Brookfield) had said to me then that they wanted to have a few days to negotiate," and "unless they were to file a complaint saying somebody's trespassing we don't have any ways or reason to go in and remove people."


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fecund mind
fecund mind

Funny that mayor expresses the importance of cleanliness and safety . Ha! has he visited New York City? We in the city are given ugly aesthetic as if we don't know the difference. simply look at the subways not just ugly, dirty but also a death trap for the commuters.  In sigapore for example in order to keep the subways clean the city government gives incentives to each commuter who returns a metrocard gets a free ride. ours is an ingenuine system that says, the government doesn't care about what the people like but keep paying more. and get ugly in return.

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