Mother of Cyclist Killed in East Williamsburg Says NYPD Didn't Return Her Calls

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Mathieu Lefevre
Gothamist has an interview today with the mother of Mathieu Lefevre, the 30-year-old Brooklyn artist from Canada who was hit by a truck and killed in East Williamsburg while biking last week. Lefevre's mother, Erika, said that the family was told to go to the NYPD Accident Investigation Squad, and the detective there never returned their phone calls. Police decided there was no criminality in the incident, but didn't directly tell the family:

It is very disturbing to read an article in the Wall Street Journal quoting a police spokesman saying they were not pressing charges--when we haven't even been told. It is very disturbing to find that information has been released to the media that we, the immediate family, have not been told! We contacted the Canadian Embassy and they were not helpful either, at least not so far.

In Canada, if you hit a cyclist, whether you have seen him or not, it's your fault. You can't claim, 'Oh, I didn't see him. It was an accident.' You are charged and arrested. But we don't even know what happened because the NYPD tells us they don't have information about whatever investigation was conducted! I have to read in the paper that my son ran a red light? Why is that released to the press but the NYPD can't tell us that?

The family is holding a press conference right now at 1 Police Plaza to pressure cops to find the driver of the flatbed truck that hit Lefevre.


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Chieu Anh Le Van
Chieu Anh Le Van

Thank you for the attention paid to the Lefevre family and their struggle. They are accepting donations for their legal fund

Marc G
Marc G

Its not surprising they didn't return the poor woman's calls, seeing as they (NYPD) are nothing more than rotting, lying, corrupt, trigger-happy maggots.


Hmmm, all cops? Don't generalize, Marc G.  Cops are too busy trying to baby-sit the Occupy Wall Street Protesters.  Did you type this message from your I-Phone while down at Zucotti Park? Relax.


Hmm. Lacking reading comprehension skills aren't you?  She did not say "all cops". You did. So you lie. The cops are at the park because they are itching to beat / gas / pepper spray somebody, and that much has been proven by the very actions. Did you type your reply while watching Fox?


Oh Redrhythm...She?  Marc G's a She? Or is that an error in your comprehension.  That's who I was responding to not the Mother of the cyclist kiled.  Actually the cops are at the park (Zucotti not wherever your ilk is protesting in Oakland) doing their job.  Are their corrupt cops in NY?  Sure, corrupt people find their way everywhere including Wall Street. and I'm not just talking about the 1%.  Marc G used the grieving Lefevre's Mother's complaint about some NY detectives as an opportunity to express (his?) childish views about what NYPD cops as a whole are itching to do.  I do not think their ignoring her is right and of course she wants answers and justice but it's never good to generalize.  It's even dangerous.  I mean, who you gonna call when someone steals your I-PAD right from that patch of grass at Zucotti?  Your wannabe arrested cousin, Louie?  No, the COPS. 

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