MTV Milking Occupy Wall Street For All It's Worth

tom morello OWS.jpg
Tom Morello at Occupy Wall Street.
First there was Real World 27, which will include Occupy Wall Streeters if everything goes to plan. Then there was True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street. Now there is the O Music Awards, where there is a new category for Most Memorable OWS Performance and it's going to Tom Morello, the guy from Rage Against the Machine.

The saga continues! MTV is latching the fuck on to Occupy Wall Street. It's probably going to make them lots of money. And get OWS lots of eyeballs.

Gothamist asked the MTV press guy what was up with this. He gave them a canned response:

"The goal with the O Music Awards recognition is to celebrate the impromptu musical street performances that are occurring at #OWS. The O Music Awards are about celebrating the artists, fans and innovators impacting digital music culture right now. With everyone armed with a smartphone, many of these performances are becoming viral sensations. With this in mind, we want to pause and celebrate the musical spontaneity and artistry that's taking place on street corners across the country and spreading globally via digital distribution. The recognition is really for all the artists, with Morello serving as an example."

What could possibly be up MTV's sleeve for their next OWS venture? Sending Snooki there? (Do it.)

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Al Swearengen
Al Swearengen

No matter how you feel about MTV's programming, it's good for the movement to get more eyeballs.


I write songs about prevalent issues in the world and produce concerts that give back to world community .

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You Got To Give Back

They Did The Wild Life Boogie ( The Economy Song )





MTV's desperate for new shows.

They also haven't producing anything good for years.

Fuck MTV.



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